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BNP and EDL: Opponent Spells Out His Warped Vision of Current Affairs

Beware: this video contains some bad language:

This makes for an interesting video. The bloke is quite amusing, but twists the facts somewhat.

He knows that the media and the establishment can twist facts. Otherwise why would most Sun readers/Eastenders watchers think that our intervention in Libya was about saving lives and helping a group of people after "democracy."

He also knows that the media can "cover" a story, the equivalent of putting it on page 23, or publicise it by giving it prominence. Ipso facto how many people think that the (pro-Zionist) EDL's boss was in jail?

He is also being more than economical with the facts if he thinks an arrest for assault and then a ban from attending political rallies is not political. As ex-West London NF leader Phil Andrews found out to his cost in the 80s, one can be arrested for violence on little or no evidence. As for banning someone from specific political rallies - that is in reality being a political prisoner.

Don't even begin on the Zionist control of the media. That has been well documented and has nothing to do with the presenters and journalists. The American media especially is almost entirely Zionist owned. Only a fool would say otherwise. Various Jewish individuals have written about this, because they are proud of it (not to have a pop) therefore these facts are not the figment of anyone's imagination, not least people like the EDL boss who is very pro-Israel.

This chap also ignores the minutiae of the British media, in which multi-culti liberalism plays a huge part. So whilst the "Zionists" will appreciate a street movement that pushes the patriotic types toward Israeli policy (a road first trod by Mr Griffin), the liberal media will not want to promote the EDL boss's loss of liberty, just for addressing a political rally (even if it was a pro-Israeli one and he was dressed as a rabbi).

When dealing with the secret state, the media and suchlike, one is not dealing (if you'll excuse the pun) in black and white. This chap knows that of course, unless he is a complete arse. Think of Northern Ireland where the state has assets in Loyalist and Republican groups, even if some might simplify that situation to say the Loyalists were pro-British State and the Republicans were anti-British State. This would not stop the State from having assets in both, saying different things, pushing in various directions. Some may be promoted by the media, some ignored, depending on the ideology of the reporters, depending on the State policy at that time, and 101 other permutations.

So enjoy the video. The bloke is amusing. But don't be fooled. The BNP is likely to fold. It has certainly already collapsed. Another safety valve will come to the fore. It may be the EDL, it may be some other grouping.

The main picture to keep in mind is that the world financial system is usurious and run by the Rothschilds and their lieutenants. The political system is Masonic and the left/right dichotomy is in the pockets of the bankers. The mass media is controlled and will never defend the interests of the people.

Whatever simple idiots like this might say, we are just sheep paying taxes and having our rights taken away and our birth-right ripped from us. Democracy is a sham under the control of international financiers - the New Unhappy Lords that GK Chesterton warned us about and AK Chesterton wrote in-depth about.

In the years in between things have worsened.

Mass immigration, homosexual "rights," out of control abortion, war after unjustified Zionist war, drugs rampant, usury that has put billions out of work, taxation that is rapacious (mostly to pay uncontrollable usury-debt), an EU into which money is poured as in into a bottomless pit, and many other evils in which none of us had a say.

Democracy is a joke. Were our fathers asked in the 40s if millions of non-Whites should be allowed in? And on all the other issues above, we've been lied to, facts have have been twisted, and the controlled mass media has been used to con us all.

"Anti-racists" are like the peaceniks of the 60s. They are today's "useful idiots." But instead of being the 'useful idiots' of the USSR with its gulags full of Christian Russians, Ukrainians etc., they are the 'useful idiots' of those who wish to enslave the world because they are set out to destroy all nationality, all national pride that allows peoples to stand as-one in defiance of destruction and slavery (whether the native Indians of the Americas or the white Christian communities of Europe).

Once we lose our nationalism, our sense of patriotism, our belief that we are rooted in the land (blood and soil) that our forefathers worked, defended and lived on, then we lose the will to defend that land from the New Unhappy Lords: the EU Commissioners, the Rothschilds, the media moguls and all who seek to turn us into coffee coloured, brain-dead, tax-slaves too busy singing 'One World' anthems to see that we are mice in the laboratory of the mega-rich banksters who own the world through the creation of usury-debt.

Remember your traditions. Hold fast to the Faith of your fathers. Stand firm on the soil on which they toiled and bled. Defend the family with all your might.

We all have a duty to fight. We can fight in our daily lives. Fight in the way we bring up our children. Fight in the way we spread our ideas and educate others.

To not fight is to accept slavery and join the unthinking drones who do not see the Rothschild puppet masters controlling the rent-boy politicians.

Freedom or slavery? The choice is quite easy isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I don't believe the BNP is likely to fold. Not after the London riots, that's for sure. A lot of whites are sick and tired of it all and beginning to wake up.

I don't know why you are concerned with this Coughlan616. I gather he's not a nationalist of any sort. I note he bears the mark of Cain on his face.

I think you take an unnecessarily dim view of the overall situation. For one, I think the Rothschild angle is just a bit played out. I can't believe they have so much power that they and they alone are controlling the world and every event.

I came across an article, maybe on vdare dot com, about why the political spectrum is shifting to the right as people wake up. I'm sorry I originally only cut and pasted a portion of the article and didn't indicate a reference for myself for later. But I find this one portion to be profound and indicative, if anything is, that the time is beginning to become ripe enough for BNP, EDL, and all other white national fronts (maybe even for the USA too). The author was writing about the failures of the Left:

* * * *

Politics is the Last Stage

You will notice that politics is the last stage.

This is why political parties like the BNP in Britain, the Front National in France, the NPD in Germany, remain marginal, despite the obvious failures of the Left.

Politics is the last stage.
Politics reflects the culture. Politics is the art of the possible.

So our politics will not be possible until we control the culture. And because we don’t control the culture we are in the period before politics.

The Left is approaching the period after politics, because their ideas have been dominant for a long time, and by now they have failed on every level. They are running on autopilot.

And now they are increasingly worried and desperate, because they can sense their own weakness, they can sense the boredom and the discontent seething underneath, the potential for a revolution.

They have failed aesthetically, criminologically, culturally, demographically, economically, politically, socially. They have failed on every front.

And by now they are vulnerable on all fronts.


I hope this gives you, well...hope.

Anonymous said...

Democracy means DEATH.

The perfidious ones have adopted the name democracy to provide a cloak to deceive the sheeple that this system of democracy is a descendant of the democracy of the Ancient is not!

Democracy, Monarchy, Republican...they have all a constant thread running through them all, that is, funding and maintainance (and participation!) from the coffers of the perfidious ones.


Final Conflict said...

Part of the reason of showing this vid is to riducule those leftist "radicals" and other opponents of Nationalism who think their is no controlling elite.

There is.

That they fight each other, that their puppets fight each other too, does not take away the fact that the money-men, the international financiers, buy up whole systems, control who nations, bribe leading politicians and own or pressure the mass media.

I do not think they are all powerful, we still have free will and right on our side.

However to ignore their power is to shuffle deckchairs on the titanic.

And to laud Israel is to play directly into their hands.

Knowledge is power.

if you do not understand the real enemy or what you are fighting for, then you cannot hope to win.

As for democracy - it is what anon2 says, a tag to get everyone subserviant to the "international community" which is the power and control of usury debt and so is slavery to unending debt which breaks civilisations.

Anonymous said...

It is alleged (frome quarters that would know about these things) that the Rothschilds are worth £500bn. approximately half the world currency, now if that does not place them in a very favourable position with regards 'the ear' of policy makers/monarchs/presidents etc. then I don't know what would!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification on that Son of Cain, Coughlan616. The Devil surely brushed his cheek with his finger the moment he was born.

I understand what you are saying about the international financiers (though I myself don't think the Rothschilds are the main controllers. They are 'old money'. It's those of the 'new money' that seem to be the problem these days).

But as to Israel, look at it this way: The God of Israel gave them an injunction to keep themselves a separate nation -- a survival strategy par excellence that has served them well for some 5,000 years. Who better than the Jews understand about Survival Strategy? They KNOW which end is UP. I am gladded to find them on BNP and EDL comment boards, including AmRen and vdare (the latter I discovered is actually a Jewish-run website).

I've always believed the gentiles/goyim could learn a thing or two from them. Not all Jews (I'm thinking here of the Torah Jews) are 'jews/zionists' in the anti-semitic sense (usually called Talmudic Jews) usually bandied about.

Applauding Israel means applauding their wish to stop Palestians (i.e. Islam) from their ceaseless attacks, and also trying to garner support to stop the Palestian attempt to charter themselves as an actual nation via the U.N. I think we can surely relate? Since it's the Palestians, we know then that their aiders and abettors are the Marxist Left and Liberals.

These days it seems the world is at a cross-roads. IMO it is time to Unite, not bicker about the Jews (most of whom actually understand the urgency of this cross-road). And frankly, the Gentiles and Goyim need all the help they can get, especially since the time is short. UNITE, NOT FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Unite with the forces behind Freemasonry? behind 2000 years of attacks on our civilisation? behind Capitalism and usury? behind the mass murderers of Communism? behind the evils of Zionism?

I'd rather support the Palestinians struggle to regain their land. Especially the Christian Palestinians who are our natural allies and have never done anything against us.

Anonymous said...

As to the Rothschilds being 'old money' in relation to events they are in fact NEW money, the Rothschilds established in 1789.....hmmmm, now what else occured in 1789.....oh yeah! the First Masonic Revolution at the expense of France!

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