Sunday, 11 September 2011

911: Cannot Justify Zionist Wars

It's "911" and let's suspend our critical faculties for a moment.

Al Qaeda was not a CIA construct. Osama was not a created bogeyman. America was not in the middle of changing its Mid East policy to be isolationist. There was not a Mossad hit squad in NYC with a van stopped by sniffer dogs for having traces of explosive...

No. Let us be unthinking Sun readers and be more interested in Eastenders plot-lines than the kind of events that impact on global socio-political events.

So, after all that, we can say these Islamicists killed circa 3000 people in NYC that fateful day. A terrible event. 3000 innocents. Many,many families effected.

Yet even if we accept the Rothschild-News agencies' line on the events, I am forced to ask why is 911 seen as the most dreadful event of the last 10 years when it is generally agreed that the insidious, questionable, indeed illegal invasion of Iraq is generally agreed to have resulted in the deaths of circa 100,000?

Even if one takes out the "nasty" Iraqis, the "terrorists" such as those who followed the plans laid out by Winston Churchill in 1940 in the event of a German invasion, we are left with dozens of thousands of innocents. Many, many families effected.

It is a sign of Americanism, of a myopic worldview, that today so many people will dampen their hankies in memory of 3000 innocents who sadly lost their lives (at the hands of CIA/Mossad - no, no... I mustn't) and there will not be a single thought of the American criminals who orchestrated a war that was downright illegal and butchered so many more innocents.

I am reminded of the constant barrage of holocaust memorials and history lessons, whilst the 30 million Ukrainians wiped out by the Bolsheviks are a footnote of history, or the millions of Christian Poles who died in the war are also a footnote.

One might be forgiven for erroneously thinking that the fate of innocent Americans and Jews takes precedent over the fate of the many more innocents who just happened to be Iraqis, Ukrainians or Poles.

I could forgive the Americans their 911 day events, if they in turn did not use those events to kill so many others, and still think those events can be used to justify all manner of stupid decisions (even the Patriot Act which impacted upon the freedoms of Americans themselves!).

I suppose my concern is that 911 Day will become like Holocaust Day, a highly politicised event used to justify Neo Con/Zionist atrocities and illegalities across the world, and every time someone points the finger, we'll have 911 dangled in their face, like the holocaust, designed to mollify any criticism.

You don't think anyone would be so underhand as to use the death of innocents to further political ends? What exactly do you think the invasion of Iraq was?


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the thousands of Christian Iraqi's now living in fear with no protection from the Americans

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