Sunday, 25 September 2011

Goldman Sachs Man Put on the Spot by BBC

I was listening to a "best of Today" podcast, from Radio 4's famous morning news programme. It was on Greece, the Euro and the economy (from last Friday I think).

Lo and behold up popped an "expert" from Goldman Sachs. Now I do not know all the intricacies of the 'Global Downturn' but my failing memory tells me that Goldman Sachs played quite the pivotal role.

So there I was, shaking my fist at my MP3 player, when the interviewer, John Humphries cut in that Goldman Sachs had helped created the mess with Greece by hiding the extent of Greece's debts. He intimated that in lying (fraud surely?) Goldman Sachs had made a bad situation worse, letting monies being poured into a Greek black hole.

The response of the Goldman Sachs man? "I have not come on here to discuss that."

I bet he hadn't! He would rather pretend to be an "expert" on economics, positing his theories for saving us all from catastrophe, whereas in reality he and his other colleagues had helped create the banking crisis and the Euro crisis.

Nice work if you can get it!


Anonymous said...

Humphries is a RATS (Roath, Adamsdown, Tremorfa & Splott) boy so ain't one to mince his words nor indeed tolerates bullshitters!

Anonymous said...

It is vindication for those of us that have been trying to draw peoples attention to the fact that their governments in absolutely no way whatsoever run their country and that it is indeed the likes of Goldman Sachs/Rothschild/Rockefeller that do.

There is still a large core of our people that do not acknowledge this fact because they either do not WANT to know the truth or are (as most of them are) too stupid and are happy to wallow in their bovine ignorance.

Now is the time to push those stupid people off the fence and, if they insist on deriding those of us that know the truth as 'anti-Semites' 'Nazi' 'Fascist' etc. then let us not make any effort to save these morons and place them firmly in the camp of those who collude with 'the Chosen Ones' for our destruction!

Our enemies constantly slander 'fascists & Nazis' for being intolerant, there are none as tolerant as fascists and national socialists for having tolerated our own peoples stupidity and greed for so long!


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