Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: Must Read Book for ALL Nationalists

It's an exciting time fellow "extremists."

Rarely does a book come about which makes me salivate at the very prospect of getting hold of a copy.

No, inattentive and truculent reader, don't you dare mention The Beano annual!

I'm referring naturally to the latest offering from E. Michael Jones.

"Who he?" you ask. Well you should have read the review of his blockbuster Degenerate Moderns in FC magazine, a book that shows exactly who is responsible the cultural morass we find ourselves mired in, and how they achieved it.

In the Neo-Conned volumes (blockbusters in their own right!) he penned a piece detailing the role of the Neo Cons in the lies told to bulldoze America into a needless and criminal war.

E. Michael Jones has the reputation of knowing the facts in world affairs and geo-politics, as well as the forces behind them. He is also well-regarded by many for having the bravery in stating the truth -- no matter how unpalatable for some -- and calling a spade a spade.

For how can we be aware of who the criminals are or how to right wrongs if we do not know the facts?

A few months ago a friend said there were plans afoot in the States for a new book by E Michael Jones, and in this book he would take on the big boys! He was going to go hell for leather and expose the role of World Jewry in political upheaval.

This was going to be a barn-stormer of a book and would further cast the author as the hate-figure so loathed by anti-racists, Communists, atheists, Zionists etc.

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History by E Michael Jones is available now!

In the USA it's $48 (plus $8 s&h) from: Fidelity Press, 206 Marquette Ave, South Bend, IN 46617, USA. (Visa etc. phone: 574 289 9786.

In the UK it's £29 inc p&p from: D.M. McCarthy, 6 St Andrews, London, W7 2NX.

-- For all the trolls and stirrers looking in, FC has no link(s) with either of the above.

So go fill yer boots.

If you don't know who the enemy is, you cannot possibly begin to fight against them.

"Dr E Michael Jones... writes in a felicitous manner, and draws attention to rarely mentioned religious and historical facts." -- Stephen J. Sniegoski Ph.D (author of The Transparant Cabal: The Neo-Conservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel).

"Jones is as profound as he is prolific. He's also versatile, original, combative, and fearless, naming names and drawing blood." -- Joseph Sobran (patriotic columnist).

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