Thursday, 23 October 2008

A Distributist's Manifesto by G.K. Chesterton

A Distributist's Manifesto by GK Chesterton

This forum - which we already link to - seems very interesting, informative and has genuinely educated debate (as opposed to those infested by morons, drunkards, ne'erdowells and Zionist trolls - naming no names!).

Chesterton gives a heavy dose of common sense to many of our social and economic problems - answers that are quintessentially English! - and what is shocking is that all those English/British nationalist groups who pay lip service to Distributism (as the vast majority do!) fail so utterly to have Distributism as the basis of their socio-economic outlook and policy!

It's akin to all those Labour politicians (inc Brown and Blair) who use the language of, and claim to be, Christians - whilst they espouse the "rights" of homosexuals, of abortionists, and support the most unjust wars!

Rant over.


George said...

If only we had a GKC today to cut through the flannel and the deception.

Anonymous said...

If only one thing comes from this so-called 'credit crunch', it is, that nationalists are taking serious note of economics and how finance works as more of our people are realising that Capitalism is an evil based on greed, and consequently is a most dangerous creed which aims to enslave all peoples and treats us all as chattel.

behind blue eyes said...

As well as the fantastic books by G. K. Chesterton check out others by Major Clifford Hugh Douglas and Hilaire Belloc.

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