Sunday, 5 October 2008

Corneliu Codreanu & the Iron Guard

An interesting, if "mainstream" account of Codreanu's Legion of St Michael the Archangel (aka the Iron Guard) and its predecessors by Bruce Dickinson (see first link below).

Right: Corneliu Codreanu, at right, the founder of the Iron Guard/Legion of St Michael the Archangel, who was assassinated in 1938.

For those interested in a nationalist perspective we'd recommend The History of the Legionary Movement by Horia Sima, who led the legion after Codreanu's assassination.

I am a little wary of Dickinson's site as anyone describing them self as one of "Europe's foremost thinkers" has to be questioned as to their lack of modesty.

The Iron Guard by Bruce Dickinson
The History of the Legionary Movement by Horia Sima

Corneliu Codreanu Prayer Card
Legionary Frameable Prints

Above: An interesting 1940 rally with Horia Sima and General Antonescu, who would later get the Legionaries put in German Concentration Camps. Hitler realised his error in 1944 when Antonescu switched sides. Then the Legionaries were let out to lead anti-Communist resistance which they did on the ground well into the 1950s!


Waterloo said...

Fascism and Holy Orthodoxy!


Orthodoxia i Thanatos

Anonymous said...

Why is that surprising for you?

Anonymous said...

Antonescu didn't changed sides. He was betrayed and arrested by king Michael the first and the commies.

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