Friday, 17 October 2008

"Only Show in Town" lie from System Stooge

Capitalism isn't dead: but it is discredited and because it is based on unpayable debt, and has been bailed-out by piling on more unpayable debt.

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Right: Andrew 'Brillo' Neil (left) showing his campaigning zeal for harmony between the races - and the generations!

Socialism isn't dead: but it is comatose after the fall of the USSR and the conversion of China to Gulag-Capitalism.

Funnily enough in an interview, the "Dragon's Den" businessmen Duncan Bannatyne said that whilst businessmen create wealth through their enterprises, the Capitalists are those in the large glass buildings who shuffle bits of paper and move money from one to the other in essence creating nothing.

How right he is! Almost.

Only it's worse because they move "money" that often doesn't exist, it's usury-debt, it's entries in ledgers or on pc-screens.

So whilst they only "create" debt and shuffle the debts around and take hard-earned money from businesses in a Wizard of Oz atmosphere (where we're all supposed to be impressed by their glass towers and marble pillars) businesses (that includes family concerns, farms etc.) have to pay them usurious interest as well as all the local and national taxes that go to paying the unpayable debts accrued by local and national government.

That is where many people make the mistake.

They think just because someone runs a business he is a Capitalist.

Businesses existed before the advent of Capitalism and there is nothing Capitalist per se in running a business. It is when the scale of a business becomes detrimental to society, or when a business seeks to freeze out competitors that it takes on the role of a Capitalist concern.

Andrew Neil, the politico and newspaper editor was interviewing Ballatyne and he finished the piece by stating that Capitalism would morph into a new style to work around the current difficulty, because (after the fall of Socialism) there was no other blueprint for a society.


There is no alternative to issuing money as a debt?

There is no alternative to property in the hands of the few (banks or State)?

There is no alternative to government run by the banks for the banks?

There is no alternative to a system that sees finance as its primary concern and the family as of secondary importance?

And yet people like Andrew Neil - affectionately or otherwise known as Brillo in the pages of Private Eye - claim that Capitalism (with all its injustices, all its evils and all its integral debt-finance) is - to coin a certain phrase - the "only show in town."

As if we should accept something that is corrupt, Masonic, cronyist and degenerate just because it's rigged to be "the only show in town" by those on the take.

Is Mr. Neil really so obtuse as not to be aware that there is an alternative to both Capitalism and Socialism?

Can we rely on a man's judgement who owes his position to the uber-Capitalist, Neo-Con/Zionist Big Businessman and pal (sorry, owner!) of politicians: Rupert Murdoch.

Anyone who's tied in with a system and who's profited from that system who then says - to paraphrase - 'look it's the best we can hope for and there's no alternative' should not be taken at face value, not least because he has a vested interest.

Here endeth lesson.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew 'Brillo' Neil showing his campaigning zeal for harmony between the races - and the generations...

It`s probably a `lady-boy` he`s groping!

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