Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Tories' Feldman is the New Levy!

So the whole Rothschild, Oligarch illegal party political money furore is big news (see a couple of posts down).

New Labour was undone by their fundraiser "Lord" Levy (aka 'Lord Cashpoint'): remember cash for peerages? Many were convinced laws were broken and it was hushed up and any charges dropped because of pressure from the highest levels (dodgy handshakes anyone?).

Right: This flag is used here just to underline our support for "Brave Little Israel" with all its illegal nuclear weapons, its terrorist Mossad and Shin Bet, its broken UN Resolutions, its ethnic cleansing and land-grab wall, its control of American policy & its Neo Con agents who sent our troops on illegal, needless and murderous wars.

Now it seems the Tories may be undone by their fundraiser Feldman.

The fact that Rothschild is involved, as is "Lord" Mandelson, as is a "Russian" oligarch... what a field day for "anti-Semites" who will bring up all these Jewish dirty money connections.

Tut tut.

Those pesky anti-Semites. They do insist on highlighting these kind of connections.

It's interesting that George Osbourne seems to be the patsy taking all the hits. Will the Tories now realise that any kind of "Lord Levy" connections are to their detriment?

One wonders if those who wax lyrical ad nauseum about the Muslims (Phillips, Aaronovitch, Cohen, Griffin...) will screech about these Jewish dodgy deals undermining 'our democracy.'

When you think that Levy was also Blair's Middle East Envoy it makes you want to cry (with laughter).


behind blue eyes said...

I can just visualise Old Mel and the rest of the Zionist apologist journalistic cabal sitting around a table all sweating profusely and hyperventilating as they realise their anti-semitic truth suppression machine is starting to malfunction as the ordinary non-goosteppers of this country begin to wake up to the lies and deceit that effervesce from their keyboards on a regular basis.

Yes Mel, how dare us Goyim point out the facts that a number of Jews have been caught red handed meddling in and undermining British 'democracy' on numerous occassions. Will you and/or your fellow Moslem bashing Israel loving cabal address this issue and add some factual equilibrium to your newspapers columns? Or will do your usual sidestep and denounce these stories a evidence of a Neo-Nazi plot to blame the financial crisis on Jews?

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