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Wage & Debt Slavery Endures

Watch last week's BBC Question Time on BBC i-player (available on the BBC website for UK viewers) because it's a revelation.

Right: War Criminal and government buffoon, Geoff Hoon where implausibility meets culpability!

Not only do "the panel," especially the drippy chinless Tory, fail to answer people on the question of the lack of democracy in Stoke-on-Trent, but the government rep totally misunderstands the problem of employment and unemployment.

So let's deal with these issues:


The audience clearly agreed with one gent who spoke out that there was no democracy, in that all the "main" parties made cosy agreements to run affairs in Stoke amongst themselves - and so out of desperation people were voting BNP.

Of course others (notable the Nationalist Truth blog run by ex-BNP Councilor Simon Smith) have argued forcefully that the BNP is a state pressure valve under direction of 5IMon Darby, but it doesn't detract from the fact that people feel that the parties are "all the same."

It might be nice, for example to have a party that opposes the banks, or opposes Zionism etc. (see next post on the Rothschilds!)

None of the panelists seemed to grasp this and a couple ignored the point made and went off into "lack of national identity" and "difficult economic times" (missing the point completely). If anything, the rise of the BNP can be squarely pointed at international politics and the Neo Con agenda of creating a Muslim "bogeyman" courtesy of the CIA false flag op that is "Al Qaeda."


Geoff Hoon (the lying shyster viz the illegal war in Iraq who also sent troops to die in ill-prepared kit) showed exactly why politicians are liars and how they twist statistics to present a new "truth" which few people believe.

Remember Jaqcui Smith and her insistence that crime was down - only for her to admit that she felt afraid late at night in London (even with her minders!).

That's a perfect example of how a government can confuse lack of public confidence and the under-reporting of crime with "safer streets."

But let me digress for a moment before I deal with employment (I crave your indulgence dear reader!).

Watch Hoon defend the plan to keep records of every phone call and email! He fails to understand people's concern. The audience is clearly opposed to this. The cost will be a waste. It will create even more Police powers. It will create more opportunities to lose material. It will create more opportunities for hackers or corrupt cops to access private data of individuals, businesses, MPs and more...

Yet Hoon (lap dog that he is!) defends it by saying he would give up lots of civil liberties to prevent death by terrorists! (yawn).

Oh it's akin to Jaqcui Smith dropping her "42 Days Internment" plans until there is a "terrorist strike." False flag op anyone? CIA? Mossad? MI5? I'm sure one will oblige to get these "needed" repressive laws on the books.

On the subject of the greatest civil liberty being the right not to die (as espoused by Hoon and other NuLab Neo Cons) dare I mention gun and knife crime in London and elsewhere?

Why no clamp down on druggy, immigrant gangs and hoodlums? If our right to be safe on the streets is the greatest civil liberty for which he will suspend all reasonable controls on the police and state machinery why aren't the Jamaican, Albanian and other gangs just wiped off the streets?

Because, dear reader, this hyperbole and rhetoric is designed to tweak at our heart strings over dead innocents to get repressive laws enacted.

It's a CON JOB being perpetrated by Neo Cons.


So let's get back to the issue of employment as defined by the greasy stool pigeon and co-defendent in the upcoming war crimes trials (we can wish).

I headed this section 'employment - honest' because I'd warbled on in the last section about anything but employment, but in reality it should have been 'honest employment' because that (or the lack of it) is what we are dealing with.

Mr. Hoon defends his government's record by stating that we still have "record employment" and that whilst unemployment is due to rise (because of "international events" i.e he wants you to believe it's outside their control) they will be taking "tough action" (newspeak for we'll try and paper over the cracks).

In a sense what is happening is outside Hoon and Co's control -- because they have put the UK under the rule of International Financiers, as we've discovered to our cost in the last few weeks. That is to say, it is outside their control now - not that they can't do anything about it, but they are enslaved to the banking system, the Freemasons who run it and the usury-debt that ensures their total control.

But back to Mr. Hoon's statement on "record employment."

There may be more jobs, just as crime may be officially "down" but this has no bearing on the quality of these jobs or who is employed in them.

After all 5000 jobs picking fruit in Cambridgeshire held by East Europeans has little impact on the population.

Or tell the man laid off from a well-paid manufacturing job or from an academic post that there are 50 shelf-stacking jobs or 25 "McJobs" available in his town.

Quantity counts to Mr. Hoon, maybe that's why so many of his colleagues fill their boots with non-executive posts in big businesses (purely advisory dontcha know!).

So can we expect Mr. Hoon to give up his single job as MP (let's be fair on him and give him the benefit of the doubt viz supplementary jobs with banksters, armament firms etc.) for two or even three jobs flipping burgers, stacking shelves or shovelling sh...? Well, you get the idea.

Mr. Hoon defends the creation of a "Coolie Economy" because there are "more jobs than ever before" that's like saying I'm richer than ever before because instead of a £50 note in my wallet, I have 60 penny coins in a jar.


What the politicians do not ever discuss is an economy wherein the majority have real freedom via family businesses, family farms (small holdings), workers' co-operatives and the widespread implementation of guilds with apprentices.

"Employment" can so often mean fitting a square peg into a round hole - by force.

To discuss real freedom, real work and widespread self-employment is anathema to a system which relies on a Coolie Economy and keeping people as wage-slaves, mortgage-debtors and cogs in a usury-banking machine.

Instead of offering more jobs that he wouldn't dream of getting out of bed for, more enslavement to Big Businesses, more "McJobs" that lead to no fulfillment and no reward, the politicians should be carving out a future that offers rewards, freedom, self-fulfillment and strong, secure families.

But then they'd have to stick the knife in on usury-debt and Capitalism.

They can't do that... and then we're back to the non-executive directorships and plumy sinecures enjoyed by so many MPs, supplied by the people who ensnare and enslave us in wage and debt slavery!

Quo Bono Mr Hoon? Quo Bono?


behind blue eyes said...

FC, talking of the BNP, I have just had a little mooch at their website and they are advertising Amazon.co.uk on it. I kid you not. The same Zionist supporting company that sells all sorts of deviant and perverted books and novels online.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Picture 10 on page 7 of Arnold Leeses's Our Seditious Cartoon Book encapsualtes succintly the farce that is Westminster 'democracy'. I just love this picture. It quite clearly shows a Labour politician licking the left shoe of a Jewish banker whilst a Conservative politician is doing the same with
the right foot. The Jewish financier is holding a whip that curls into a £ sign in his left hand and a sack of gold in his right hand. It states A Study In Democracy, Westminster 1945 - "The new Parliament will continue very much on the lines of the last one." The full cartoon brochure can be viewed at :-

'Lack of identity.' That might be due to the fact that we are swamped with people who don't share our culture, heritage, religion, way of life and language etc. Be proud of your nation, heritage and its flag and be called a racist and fascist etc. Walk around with Communist paraphenalia and no-one will bat an eyelid!

We have no democracy its just a banker manipulated charade. You only have to look at the American farce going on now, both parties biggest donor has been Goldman Sachs.

Unfortunately the average citizen of our once proud and prosperous country is a brainwashed automaton who thinks Chatham House is a hotel in Devon and a Bildeberger is a German sausage from Aldi.

With regard to the economy we see the arcteypal Socialist response of spend, spend, spend. There is a good article in the Guardian entitled Britain's hidden debt. It states:-
'The British government often congratulates itself on its efforts to keep public finances on a stable and sustainable level. Yesterday Gordon Brown even claimed: "Debt is considerably lower than a decade ago". However, Britain's public debt is actually £1,866 billion, equivalent to 125.5% of GDP, nearly three times larger than the government's published figure of £645 billion and 43.4% of GDP. This measures out as a debt of £76,475 per British household.

While figures recently released on the scale of the government's public spending bonanza point to government borrowing leaping to a record £8.1 billion in September, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Opaque off-balance sheet measures have, until revealed in The Price of Irresponsibility published by the Centre for Policy Studies, kept hidden the full cost of projects financed through the Private Finance Initiative, the extent of unfunded public sector pension liabilities, the debt incurred by Network Rail and the recent nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley.

Yet, the figure may be much worse. While the exact impact on the public finances of the government's recent bail-out of the banking sector is as yet unknown, it could imply an addition of as much as £500 billion to the balance sheet. This would increase public debt to a massive £2,366 billion, which is 159.1% of GDP, or over £96,967 per British household.'

The manipulation of money is, arguably, the most potent method - outside of war - used to rearrange the fabric of society.
"There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency." - John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, (1919), p.236.

Our economy will be fine our great leader tells us once we learn to adopt "new international financial architecture for the global age." Well boys and girls we all know were that path's headed.

Bill Hicks summed it up supremely - just switch America for Britain. 'Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!'

War on Terror my arse. Do you want to know what terror is Mr Brown? I'tell ya you gutless turd. Whilst you and your Freemasonic Zionist buddies are dining on organic koala massala people at home are frightened that they are going to get a letter bomb through their letter box telling them they've lost their job or their house is going to be repossessed. Its parents wondering whether their law abiding Army Cadet recruit son is going to come home safe or be brutally murdered by a pack of gutless feral teenagers. Its pensioners having to choose whether to eat or heat. This is terrorism Mr Brown not a MOSSAD false-flag operation used to justify a complete Orweliian police state.

Final Conflict said...

Mr Eyes: you see clearly what our problems are!


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