Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sale on at the FC Online Shop

Times are hard.

The recklessness of financiers, the obscene profits built on an unwieldy debt bubble, all to the tune of trillions in debt-issued funny money...

All this and more effects us workingmen and our families as the economy tightens as the grasping banks put themselves first and keep their ill-gotten money and gold reserves hidden away.

So our economy shrinks and many of us find the going tough.

Still our governments want to use tax-payers' money to bail out the bankers and financiers and if the banks continue in their money-grubbing self-protecting ways this will have very little effect (beyond the immediate and very short term) except for piling debt upon debt.

In light of all this we have decided to slash prices on many items in the FC Online Shop.

So pop by today and see the many reduced prices in badges, CDs, hats... and this is just the start: look out for special deals on t-shirts, posters etc.

And there will be more to follow in the days and weeks ahead.

So stick two fingers up to the bankers and the politicians they control by taking advantage of this sale to grab some nationalist goodies.

FC Online Shop


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