Sunday, 26 October 2008

Turkey: Islamic Threat or Masonic-Zionist Infiltrator?

Further to the Byzantium post and thoughts on Turkey's entry into Europe - here we have a blog that details Modern Turkey's Masonic nature and its control by Zionists:

It's interesting because the writer seems to be defending Turkish Islamic culture (which is the main reason many do not want Turkey as part of the EU).

This blog (click link above) confirms much that we published in Final Conflict mag #35 (researched by a Greek comrade living in Western Europe) i.e. that Islamic Turkey is in fact a secular-Muslim state predominantly run by Zionist Jewish "converts" who are heavily allied with America and Israel.

Those who decry Turkey simply for being Muslim are missing the point: and that is why so many Neo Cons are actually in favour of Turkey joining the EU.

Not least because it will unleash a wave of Islamic immigration - to provide them with pleny more bogeymen, lots more false flag ops, and lots more 'mad mullahs.'

The Neo Cons in America and Israel must be salivating at the prospect: no matter how much their hirelings, fellow travellers and useful idiots in Europe rant on about Islamic Turkey.

And so we are all Neo-Conned... again!

Rothschilds and Masonic-Turks behind Armenian Genocide

Rothschilds Bail Out Turkish Government?

An Overview of the "War on Terror" Agenda

and this one's not connected per se, but what a gem anyway, especially in light of the Rothschilds connections with the Tories and Labour:
Rothschilds' Supreme Court building in Israel is Masonic


behind blue eyes said...

Once again the evil hand of the Rothschilds is behind another genocide of Christians. Yet another diabolical crime with no films, documentaries, or any other type of media attached to it.

Besides the obvious Moslem 'bogeyman' angle Turkey has got one of the biggest armies in the world which would be a great asset to the EU and more importantly NATO as it turns more and more into the one world army. See
Turkey’s Army Is Israel’s Militia at -

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