Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Free Updates and Great Bargains at FC

There's lots to tell your chums about!

Do they know that they can subscribe to FC Blog updates?

Yes, every 24 hours they will get an update (provided a post has been made that day) of the latest news from the FC Blog.

What easier way to get updates from the bastion of Nationalism?

And while you're at it - don't forget to tell them about the great sale on at the FC Online Shop.

With dozens of CDs marked down to as low as £6 and even £5, plus our special offers - such as buy 10 Cds and get an extra 3 free - still running it really is time to bag a bargain.

All that plus deals on t-shirts, reduced books and badges, and more still to come... it's certainly worth having a browse through the FC Online Shop.

So go on: e-mail a friend!

That may not realise what they're missing out on!


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