Wednesday, 17 June 2009

2.2 Million Unemployed, £1.3 Trillion to the banks: Masons have Wrecked the UK

Loans, guarantees etc. to the banks have meant the UK taxpayer is covering the banks for £1.3 trillion.

Today news is in that unemployment is at a 12 year high at 2.2 million.

Yet still our government refuse to "bail out" industries and firms facing short-term problems.

Still our government allows big business to employ immigrants at low wages, whilst indigenous people sit on the dole.

Still immigrants, asylum seekers etc. are housed, fed, educated, etc. etc. whilst services are cut to pay debts to the banks.

Now various chickens are coming home to roost as the government is forced to admit an overwhelming national debt, and cuts in services to pay the debts and its interest.

The state has borrowed (at interest!) from banks to 'bail out'..... the banks!

Read that again.

Has it sunk in yet? What a ridiculous situation!

Every single politician and party is subservient to the banking system and the Judeo-Masonic usury system.

None will dare to rock the boat, as the banking-usury system use a carrot and stick to deal with the politicos, appealing to the greed and to their love of position, power and their overinflated self-importance.

So there we go, dear reader.

You, me and the local lollipop lady are covering the usury-banksters for £1.3 trillion, we will suffer the cut-backs as the debt is paid back by us tax-payers, meanwhile some of the firms we work for go to the wall as a useless government looks on.

Britain 2009. You really couldn't make it up!

Unemployment at 12 Year High
UK economy shrinking

Politicians Decide Against Bank Regulation

P.S. We must demand to know which politicians are Masons, which have worked for banks (pre, during or post holding office) and which government ministers, opposition shadow ministers etc. belong to groups like the Bilderbergers, CFR and similar shadowy groups.


Hakenkraze said...

All the king`s horses and all the king`s men won`t be able to put the ponzi pyramid empire back together again.
The Jew-led American Imperium is about to crumble:

The British establishment will never be able to cope with the fallout of the sheeple having to pay £20+ for their pints of ale.
Exciting times!

Anonymous said...

the zionists who control all the main shopping outlets must be licking their floppy lips at the prospect of getting free-labour when the conservatives bring in compulsary workfare next year for the unemployed. the jobless will be drafted to work for the very retail chains who donate big time to the conservative party. those unfortunate enough to be out of work will become 21st century slaves. all patriots must oppose workfare for the racket that it is.

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