Saturday, 20 June 2009

Iran: BBC Caught Out Teling Naughty Fibs

Meanwhile, on Page 94 the BBC admits its spin and lies were found out:

Ahmadinejad Rally Reported as Opposition Rally


Anonymous said...

How many marched against the Iraq War? One Million?

If we are to judge regimes by how they ignore their people, how a controlled media spins chosen parties, and how they break international law then the UK is an illegal bandit state.

Anonymous said...

One million from a population of 60 million? course, silly me, bandit-state.


People who are happy/not overly concerned about their lot do not take to the streets to declare 'We are at worst happy with our lot!'

It would appear through the usual media and political mouthpieces that everyone is militantly opposed to the 'war' in Iraq, truth is that most people couldn't give a f**k about Iraqis nor Afghans at that, but don't want our lads and lasses' lives sacrificed at the altar of the American dollar.

Hakenkraze said...

This is has to rank as one of their shabbiest episodes in recent years(I know,so many incidents to choose from!).
It`s almost as bad as the "Building 7 has already collapsed" fiasco.
What a scummy excuse for a national broadcaster they are.

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