Friday, 5 June 2009

Elections: BNP, English Democrats & UKIP news

Congratulations are due to the BNP for their first ever County Council seat in Lancashire, and also to the English Democrats for winning the vote for Mayor of Doncaster.

The first is a landmark for the BNP and may point to possible seats in the Euros, though electoral "experts" say it's touch and go.

The Eng-Dems vote is a bit of an amazing story, in a town rocked by Labour Sleaze for many years. They as a party are not too dissimilar from the modernised BNP (non-racist, Jewish members etc.), though they stand on a specifically English nationalist ticket.

What is interesting there is that the town's mayor has real power to implement policy, so if the Eng-Dems can keep clear of corruption they could bring about some radical ideas in a local region blighted by Labour rule!

Go on Eng-Dems: usury-free local currency!!! Go for it!

Meanwhile UKIP -- who, as I said previously, if they beat Labour in the Euros could actually oust Gordon Brown and start an anti-EU avalanche -- have said they believe there was chicanery in Thursdays Euro Election, with ballots being folded so that UKIP seemed not to be on the list!

Today the Brown government is in flux with multiple resignations (including one MP standing down, sparking a by-election) on top of a collapsed vote.

Now we have to wait and see if the Euro Election results can oust a deeply unpopular man. If UKIP do beat Labour putting them into third (or even fourth!) place - I hope still on the cards - Brown could be gone, the clamour for a general election will grow (with a chance for more "nationalist" candidates to profit from party political sleaze in certain areas) and the band waggon for a vote on the Lisbon Treaty will simply grow and grow: which will mean more than any councillor seats.

If the UK votes against Lisbon it will blow the Europhiles' ship out of the water!

As arch Europhile Glenys Kinnock moves to the House of Lords to grab more wonga at our expense (after pocketing huge volumes c/o Brussels/Strasbourg!) there would be nothing more fitting than to see her party rubbished by one, no matter its policy faults et al, that stood on a purely anti-EU ticket.

Let the good times roll!

BNP Lancs County Council Seat

English Democrats Win Mayor Vote
UKIP on Folded Voting Papers


Anonymous said...

Why have the media all but blanked the English Democrats achievement?

Anonymous said...

Reported by Dimbelby on BBc1 @4pm or so. Only mention I have heard of the ED's so far

Final Conflict said...

Yes, I saw that too online on News 24 [mirrored broadcast].

I think Dennis McShane, Labour MP, briefly mentioned it too - but he mistakingly thought they came a close second...

Otherwise all but a blanket silence (inc main news bulletins).


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