Monday, 8 June 2009

Euro Elections: UKIP and BNP advance

Just a quick few lines:

Congratulations to the BNP on their two MEPs.

Interesting to see UKIP beat Labour (as foretold by some and scoffed at by others!).

With Labour collapsing and the Tories not picking up extra votes... it makes politics a little more interesting in the short term at least.

Otherwise there is a clear call by a huge portion of the electorate for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty at least, if not EU membership!

UKIP beating the government drives this point home!


Anonymous said...

Well said. Where are the klowns who openly scoffed at ukip coming second?

most people now oppose the EU and hate NuLab.

devonian patriot said...

why do bnpers bother spinning against ukip - clearly a bigger Right Wing party than them.

if ukip are state/mi5 blah blah blah then why did the bnp want an electoral pact with them?


where were the bnp in devon?

Anonymous said...

This election shows how the elite hate Proportional Representation. It's OK if you make the right or left choice , but if you choose to break the political paradigm? :)

Anonymous said...

There is talk that MI5 funds and directs UKIP so as to divert opposition away from BNP which seems a threat to establishment? I don't think the BNP is the answer, better than the Tories surely but not quite like BPP or the old NF eh?

rosie said...

Why do BNPers blog against UKIP?.
Because UKIP is obviously an establishment trash can to safely dispose of anti EU votes.
Farage's palace coup of Michael Holmes had the involvement of at least one member of the intelligence services. I was a member of UKIP at the time.
Even the most loyal UKIP member must be asking questions.
It has been alleged in MSM that the BNP will get Four million pounds, I repeat £4,000,000 over the next five years for their two MEPs.
Ukip has had 12 this last five years.
They have then pocketed some £24,000,000. Read that again TWENTY FOUR MILLION pounds.
Farage has had £2,000,000 of that himself. He says so.
At two million per MEP how much did they get in the five years before that.
Well over another TEN MILLION more.
For what - B all. Nothing, Zilch, no impact at all except personly slobbing on the gravy train.
Why aren't the members of UKIP asking why the party is broke.
Just these financial questions should be enough to alert UKIP members to the fact they are being TAKEN on the roller coaster ride.
It certainly shows that BNP who question UKIP and its sincerity have an excellent case.

Anonymous said...

UKIP are thieves! It will also be interesting to see if the decent UKIP MEPs decide to 'cross the floor' and join the ranks (alright, the two!)of the BNP Euro members.

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