Friday, 26 June 2009

London, July 4th, NF Anti-Homosexual Demo


The Mayor of London -- bonkin' Boris -- joins the homosexual lobby. Circa 0.4% of the population may have homosexual tendencies, but that doesn't mean we should all be held hostage by a degenerate minority any more than we should let psychotic people run government. Can we expect any elected representatives to join the anti-homosexual demo or at least publicly support it? Or -- like Boris -- are they too interested in positive headlines?

Our Comrades in the National Front are organising a counter demo to London "Gay Pride" on Saturday the 4th of July.

We would urge all nationalists, patriots and folk of good will to join the NF demo against the degenerate forces backed by this sterile and foetid government/system.

In the past the homosexuals and their allies have tried to use heavy handed tactics against the nationalists whilst the forces of "law n order" look on (just as they ignore the obscene behaviour and dress of the militant faggots - despite the laws of the land).

As such it is vital that everyone, at least in the Greater London region, should support this NF demo and get along there to show London and the whole of England that plenty of people are opposed to the cancer that is the militant, anti-family, homosexual lobby.

Please spread the word and do your best to attend.

If you would like to attend please phone the NF organiser on:

07849 748605.


Anonymous said...

Governments seem to promote this lifestyle as though it were something good. They do a disservice to those who experience a same sex attraction by encouraging it. The government should be providing these people with psychological help to overcome the disorder.

Anonymous said...

Is it 4th June or 4th July?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Ireland

On the 4th of July in Dublin, Youth Defence are organising an anti-abortion rally at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm.

In 2007, they organised a rally and march with over 6,000 people marching.

Final Conflict said...

It is 4th July.

FC readers in Ireland should support the YD rally - which militant Reds will try and oppose.

Final Conflict said...

secular heretic: you are correct of course.

As with people who wish to undergo "sex change" treatment... this used to be treated as a mental disorder [which it is]. now the people are confirmed and encouraged in their illness which only makes things worse.

At least that's what the local lollipop lady, Brian Beardsmore, reckons.

Anonymous said...


Final Conflict said...

Anon: is that what they call scare tactics?

Anonymous said...

It's called: not giving yourself up to the State unless standing around getting corralled (kettled) giving it the 'big 'un' is your thing.

Anonymous said...

Over 2,000 people from all walks of life marched from the Garden of Remembrance to the Irish Parliament.

It is worth noting that the podium where the speakers addressed the crowd was right across from the Freemasonic Lodge.

On O' Connell St, a small number of Militant Reds jeered but their jeers were drowned out by the sound system, the music and the humble prayers of the marchers.

YD deserve every credit for organising this rally and it was clear from those attending, that they are the resisting types here in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

I have to correct my estimate of 2,000 marching in Dublin to a figure of between 4,500-5,000 marching.

An event that the controlled Media didn't mention.

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