Friday, 19 June 2009

Many Twitter Users are in Israel and America: Not Iran

News reaches our ears that much of the "Twitter" content -- so beloved of the BBC! -- coming from protesters and the opposition in Iran is actually coming from America and Israel.

No wonder the Yankee Zionist regime asked Twitter not to close down for work/upgrades.

Despite pre-election polls showing the "opposition" would lose the election, the BBC still insists on belittling the majority who support the Iranian government.

It's pet reporter and MI6 stooge, John Simpson, insists on calling mass demonstrations in favour of the government as "bussed in" to Central Tehran. No mention of who's backing the opposition (we've had Kissinger and a CFR nodding dog on Newnight).

Gordon Brown asks that Iran should show the election was fair.

Are our elections fair? Masonic mass media primes people on a clutch of Masonic parties.

When the dust settles no doubt we will hear who has been pulling the strings behind the people desperate for power in Iran, to the extent they will ignore an election result.

Then we might see that it wasn't just "Twitter" that had links to Israel and America.


Anonymous said...

this is all part of an orchestrated anti-iran/pro israel strategy being persued by the established media. to understand news is simple, if it comes from a certain source then you can guarantee with certainity that the opposite is true.

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