Friday, 26 June 2009

Wacko Jacko the Whitened-Black Kiddie Fiddler

There's a bloke down the road looking glum, wearing a white armband.

Right: Michael Jackson picking his nose.

Yes, apparently last night Michael Jackson died.

Many say he was a "troubled" soul. But here's a man who settled out of court for £Millions in a child abuse allegation.

If you are innocent you would always fight any such allegation to the end, vehemently fighting your corner.

To 'settle out of court' is to all but admit guilt. It's what big businesses do to avoid bigger fines and brain-deadening court costs.

Anyhoo, with all this I'm always reminded of Christ's words that He will 'come back like a thief in the night.'

In other words, none of us will know when we will be called to meet our maker, and for someone who tried to bleach his god-given skin and de-Africanise (zoiks!) his appearance, I'd wager St Peter will have a stern look on his face if Mr. Jackson tries to moon-walk his way through the pearly gates!

Mayhaps he is about to start the toughest sentence yet, and his innocent victims will have justice at last.

Christ also said 'Money is the root of all evil' and in Wacko Jacko's bizarre world He couldn't be more right.

Goodbye and good riddance to the most ridiculous figure on the world stage: an "anti-racist" who tried to preach to the rest of us as he thinned his nose and bleached his skin (not to mention his ridiculous Hollywood-lifestyle as he preached "save the planet" hokum to the rest of us!).

Surely Dante had a special circle of hell for hypocrites and child-abusers?

I know... the older I get, the more liberal my views!


Anonymous said...

go fuck your self you tosser. if i new who you were i would kicked your fucking head in

Final Conflict said...

Ah! The voice of the multi-culti tree-hugging Wacko Jacko fans!

Go pick your skin colour from a Dulux list you idiot.

Anonymous said...

jackson was the type of degenerate beloved of their decadent and dying culture. as with all degenerate types time caught up with him. of course he will now be lauded as culturally iconic, while those with true musical talent and who live by a higher morality will be forgotten by history.

interesting isn't it how so many of these celebrities look and behave like demons?

Barbara L said...

Look up vitiligo. Jackson had it and he had it bad. This is one reason he covered up his body so much. If you look at photos of him you will see splotches in his skin.

He was turning white, most end up looking like a pinto pony. This effects 2% of Black people. The ONLY solution for it is to bleach the black skin so it all matches. There is no way to return the pigmentation to the skin once it has turned white.

Michael had no desire to be white. For the longest time he tried covering up the white skin with matching brown makeup but he perspires so much with his work that he finally had to take the one option open to those who have this condition.

But this was a very real condition and he did have it. Do your research before sounding dumb.

Also, in the case of the charges against him. One of the boys admitted to his school principal that he had been lieing, his parents set him up. His mother had tried the SAME ploy on several other stars as well.

And in the last big case, Michael had written a song about the DA. And he was out to bring MJ down big time for the things said in the song. Go to my blog and read the truth if you can handle it.

It is interesting how cowards take shots at those who cannot defend themselves. Or cheap shots because they are not capable of looking beyond the "obvious" presented to them by a biased media. You seem to know how the media lies. It ain't just about politics it lies. It does what it can to make money. so... read THE PERSECUTION OF MICHAEL JACKSON BY Ishmael Reed on my blog.

And then be honest please. You might learn something worthwhile... never know hmm?

Anonymous said...

He named one of his offspring Blanket, FFS BLANKET!!!!

Final Conflict said...

snippets and slappets blog???

Is that the name of Jackson's plastic sugeons!!!

mwah ha ha!

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