Sunday, 2 October 2011

Libya: The Spirit of Blair Lives on as Libyan Civilians Dodge NATO Bombs

So let's get this straight shall we?

Civilians are fleeing Sirte the Gadaffy "stronghold," leaving their property, homes, livelihoods, schools, jobs...

This is the same city that NATO have been bombing as part of their remit to, erm, protect Libyan civilians from Libyan armed forces.

Outside Sirte wait, erm, Libyan armed forced, ready to storm the city. Even as the civilians fled, NATO were still bombing the city.

So exactly which Libyan civilians are NATO protecting by bombing Libyan civilian areas? And who will protect the Libyan civilians who stay in Sirte, to protect their property, from the Libyan armed forces waiting outside the city to wreak havoc/revenge (as they did in Tripoli, even raping women).

Well done NATO! You have excelled yourselves in twisting a UN Resolution beyond all recognition.

The Spirit of Tony Blair QC lives on! Business is still good for war criminals and profiteers.

Time to Tally up Civilian Deaths


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