Tuesday, 4 March 2008

BBC's "Hideously White" Con Trick

The BBC's series on the White Working Class - entitled simply WHITE - starts this Friday.

Can we expect the liberal BBC to finally acknowledge the terrible damage done to England, to genuine communities and to the identity of the working English?


Given that the promo is voiced over by Billy Bragg (with his rendition of Jerusalem) and that one promo also has snipets including ones attacking " 'orrible White neighbours" and extoling multi-culturalism I think I can see how this is going to end up.

Lip service to the undertrood Whites, perhaps some crocodile tears and sob stories just to make us think the BBC is "fair."

Left: Whilst most British people opposed mass coloured immigration and supported Enoch Powell for warning against the outcome of mass coloured immigration, the media has pushed a revisionist history in which almost everyone was appalled and he - an educated man - was some kind of "ignorant bigot." Can we expect anything more from the programme in the White series on Powell's speech?

Fat chance of that! Greg Dyke would have us believe that the BBC is "hideously White" (perhaps that should have been the title of their new series if they are to embrace the new transparency and honesty in journalism!)

In truth, as some BBC execs have admitted - more on this in a future post! - the BBC is in fact institutionally liberal and homosexual, and slanted against anything remotely normal.

As with homosexuality and AIDS, abortion, the family and so many other social issues - we can expect a slanted look from the BBC, we can expect multi-culturalism and race-mixing to come out of it smelling of roses and we can expect so many "experts" on these issues to come from the government, from left-wing think tanks and from the usual plethora of social workers and quango board members.

Still when all this has blown over we can at least get any advice we need from Billy Brag - who has made a "life choice" to decamp from multi-culti London to the White backwater of Dorset.

Nice to know the BBC's honesty and transparency doesn't prevent the lefty pro-Faggot, pro-immigration, Searchlight-hugging soap-box preaching activist from being the voice of this new series' promo.

Perhaps he can add another wing to his sprawling home in White Flight land!

FC Site with Billy Bragg's house pic

BBC's "White" Promo Site


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