Friday, 14 March 2008

BNP Launches Court Action to Wash Dirty Laundry in Public

It seems that the BNP leader is either seeking to kill off all thought of democracy and members' rights within the BNP or is about to bring all the BNP's dirty washing out into a very public arena.

Today he launched a high court action against the "Enough is Enough rebels" for misuse of the BNP membership lists and, as I understand it, bringing the BNP into disrepute.

In the shadow of paedophile activity, sordid orgies, money-grubbing, gaining entry by deception and (alleged) burglary - amongst much else besides - the latter point "bringing the BNP into disrepute" is a bit rich.

With legal help from many Nationalist bigwigs of various hues, it's unlikely Mr. Griffin will have an easy ride.

With a high level BNP activist raided last week for selling "F### Islam" and Combat 18 badges, there is a feeling abroad that the BNP is rotting from within with a blind eye being turned to all manner of illegal activity as long as it is "loyalist" and not critical of an authoritarian leadership.

For more news on the recent events, and Lee "Israel First" Barnes losing the plot (again) visit the NW Nationalist blog links below:

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