Thursday, 6 March 2008

Why is BNP No.2 Messing with Guns?

First we heard about Tony Lecomber and his bizarre illegal agent provo- cateur actions.

Right: Not only multi-racial and race-mixing "Brown Briton" friendly... There is a sinister side to the growing Kosherised BNP.

Now we hear about Simon Darby...

It would seem the very leadership of the BNP is infiltrated by those who enjoy playing up to Neo-Con Fear of Nightmares nonsense when it comes to "Muslim Terror" but who also enjoy their own form of petty terrorism and the procurement of young patriots to mess about with guns, explosives etc.

Not that the Kosher Media will care. They still need their pet Kosherised Anti-Muslim pressure valve.

5IMon Darby Sets up two nationalists


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