Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday Greetings to all Nationalists

May I wish all FC readers and supporters, and all Nationalists a very Happy and Holy Good Friday.

Right: A devotional text from Augsberg, Germany, circa 1500-1525 with various scenes of Christ's Good Friday Passion.

Good Friday has been celebrated by our peoples for generation after generation, for well over 1200 years by the Anglo-Saxon English, by the Welsh, Cumbrians and Cornish (the Britons) for well over 1500 years (some for 1800 years, or even 2000 years if you believe that Christ visited Celtic Somerset/Cornwall - see first link below) and by the Irish, Scots and Highlanders for (Gaels, Scots and Picts) for around 1400 years or thereabouts.

It is a Feast Day that runs through the blood in our veins, it has a deep meaning for all of us who are Christian, just as it was the most important day of the year for all our forefathers.

That is why it has been under a corrosive insidious attack for many years by humanists, Masons, communists and others who seek to abuse the "multi-cult" status of Europe to try and diminish the importance of Easter.

A shot was fired across the bows of the Masonic clique by Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ, because it revealed the true, Biblical nature of Good Friday and was faithful to the events of that day that would reverberate throughout history.

He was called a bigot, a hater, an anti-Semite... all the usual tags which the Lodge bosses use to try and destroy dissent to their humanist drivel which seeks to wipe out all our historic traditions, whether via violent revolution, degenerate TV or mass coloured immigration.

This year the BBC has even saw fit to produce it's own sanitised (dare I say Judaised?) version called The Passion, which has had no condemnation by the (spiritual) descendants of the Sadducees and Pharisees. Even the 'rich trader' Joseph of Arimathea (whom some say brought Christ, as a boy, to ancient Britain) is turned into a sub-Saharan negro by the production company.

This evening I will gather the clan to watch Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and so, in our household at least, the BBC's Lodge-ordered watering-down of Easter will pass unnoticed.

Whilst the Tescos, Sainsburys and Marks & Spencers of this world remain open. Whilst the media give the airwaves over to all manner of anti-Christian, anti-European and anti-White insidious propaganda. Whilst the nightclubs of the world remain open to the negro chants and homosexual rhythms of a decrepit, degenerate generation...

Let's keep alive the traditions of our forefathers reaching back into antiquity and in so doing thwart the machinations of those who oppose our ideal of Faith, Family, Nation.

Post Script:

As we celebrate Good Friday and Easter, let's think of the Palestinians who are also celebrating Easter under awful conditions, often barred from visiting their churches by Zionist checkpoints and walls.

It is especially noticeable that at this time our leaders choose to ally themselves not with the Christian Arab peoples who celebrate Easter with us, but with the people who not only do not celebrate Easter, but given the chance would crucify Him again (just as they try and water down Christian Easter prayers and media portrayals of Easter).

In the bottom link below, there's a story from Germany. The same Germany that gave the Israeli bandit state nuclear submarines in "reparation for the holocaust." Should military hardware which Israel (state sponsor of terrorism) would easily use against Arabs really be a gift for events 60 years ago for which Germany has already forked out billions?

Jews in Germany are now criticising the Pope for not altering the traditional Good Friday "prayer for the ('perfidious') Jews" enough. Yep the Pope succumbed to Zionist pressure. Yep the Pope already altered the prayer, without asking Jews to amend Talmudic texts which use semi-pornographic and vile language to describe Christ and the Virgin Mary.

As usual the cry from the Pharisees is that this is not enough! They get the modern day crowd (of journalists and agitators) to cry out against "anti-Semitism" and Christian traditions (if you listen closely it sounds suspiciously like "Free Barabas").

These people will never be happy because they - Israel Firsters, Lodge members etc. - hate Christianity and especially loathe Good Friday as it, plain and simple, is the story of how the Jewish authorities used the Romans (shades of Neo Con wars today) to crucify Christ.

They can't change history (though they try...) and so they apply pressure to try and control how Christians view Easter. As you'll read in the penultimate link below, a Zionist Jew writes that Neo-Con "conservative" American Christians really do not understand Jews' relation to Christ and Easter. This reflects a huge ignorance and obscenely large cultural blinkers especially (but not exclusively) in American WASPs which explains how America has been able to support Israel so exclusively.

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