Sunday, 23 March 2008

USA and Israel: Partners in Crime

How often have we witnessed America backing, covering-up for, supplying and excusing Israel?

Left: Whoever is in the Oval Office, America will do Israel's bidding. Whichever newspaper you read, none will openly denounce the Zionist control of America. There are much more than 59 Million dumb people!

Does 'Joe Public' not see the contradictions, the laughable ridiculousness and the sickening inevitability in having America as the originator of all the Palestinian-Jewish "peace plans" (sic)?

Would we put Sweeney Todd in charge of a meeting of butchers and vegetarians?

Or Jeremy Clarkson in charge of a meeting of the Department of Transport and Greenpeace?

Yet the world sits and the media barely blinks as America hosts so many of these "peace talks" as it bankrolls Israel in the billions, supplies Israel with weaponry and military intelligence, and blocks UN Resolutions against Israeli crimes, terror and persecution.

Right: An Israeli soldier aims at Palestinian children. Is his weapon US-supplied? Will America cover-up another murder?

Think about it, White Nationalist.

Open your eyes.

"Cheney's statements certify that the American Administration is a partner with the Israeli occupation in its crimes committed against our Palestinian people," Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in Gaza told reporters.

Hamas Response to Cheney's statement


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