Tuesday, 11 March 2008

FC Poll Result on Acceptable Nationalists

Do you think any of these should be allowed in the nationalist movement:

Drug Users
5 (13%)
7 (18%)
6 (16%)
2 (5%)
5 (13%)
10 (27%)
Serial Adulterors
5 (13%)
2 (5%)
None of the Above
20 (54%)

Votes so far: 37

As usual our poll has offered a few interesting results.

Clearly there are a core of bad visitors, with 2 people voting for paedos and thieves (perhaps the BNP design team?) as for the rest if you take away the figures for bankrupts (given the BNP leader is one, it might explain the hight percentage) the other figures fluctuate at 13 - 18%, a low figure when you discount the 5% who voted for paedos and burglars.

At a rough figure then we can say that circa 87% of nationalists do not favour the inclusion of homosexuals, Jews, non-Whites etc. That doesn't even take into account non-nationalist visitors who might have made a vote in favour of one or other of the categories to register their attack on nationalism.

Food for thought...


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