Sunday, 2 March 2008

Is Might Right?

There's a saying which is used by some in the nationalist movement: might is right.

I have never agreed with it, and I'll tell you why.

We all know that crumbling morality is a problem in Britain and Europe. However strongly you feel about that or whatever stance you take, few will contend that falling moral standards (some might say a collapse in moral standards) have had a huge impact on society.

Can any point to drug addicts, gun-wielding gangs, lawless streets etc. and say that the collapse in the family hasn't played its role?

Even black activists and trendy social commentators today are admitting that the lack of black fathers who are actually present in black families has a huge impact and creates so much lawlessness in that young black children (as well as being alienated and being somewhat rootless) have no positive male role models.

This will come as little surprise to nationalists (though they know the problem stems from mass, uncontrolled immigration, cultural and racial alienation and a very real 'clash of cultures' which pre-dates any Neo Con nonsense).

So, we might ask, where our own people stand in regards to the collapse of the family, to single parent families, to rocketing divorce rates and to large scale abortions.

We all know people whose parents have divorced, and many of us know people who have divorced or even re-married, so it's not always easy to speak openly about such things. Yet it's very few (outside the commissars and pc brigade) who can state, hand on heart, that wide scale divorce is a good thing and is beneficial to the children involved and to wider society per se.

G.K. Chesterton once said that frivolous divorce will result in frivolous marriage.

Might it also be said that the modern trend for cohabiting, for unmarried single mothers, for men who walk away from pregnant girlfriends etc. etc. is the offspring of widespread divorce? For if we as a society have no sense of fidelity, loyalty, duty etc. within marriage - why should we as a society have any sense of fidelity, loyalty, duty before marriage?

Of course the frontal assault on marriage with this nonsense of "civil partnerships" is another way in which the powers-that-be, via their liberalising laws on marriage, push our society to a totally amoral situation.

We now have an 'anything goes' (media-termed) "metrosexual" society or as arch-liberal, Satanist and WW2 Allied-spy Aleister Crowley (a metrosexual before his time!) would label it, a 'do what thou wilt' society.

The politicians then wonder why crime is out of control, why the police cannot cope, and why the prisons are overfull.

In the shadow of this, of course, the State pushes for Big Brother controls. ID cards and DNA databases are just the thin end of the wedge and crime and "terrorism" (both created by the politicians and their actions) are the excuses given for yet more State powers.

Not only could they say 'Might is Right' about this Orwellesque State, but they keep planning (over and over again) to make themselves even mightier when it comes to social control.

The politicians do not seem to realise (though the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, high level Freemasons etc. surely do!) that these powers are wrong because they do not treat the root cause of the lawlessness, and it is the State which has been at fault and the cause of the immorality and amorality in society.

I'll give an analogy that the simple-minded can understand (essential in today's attention-span deficit society) just in case any Hillary Clinton supporters are looking in.

Imagine Jerry Springer being seen to cause familial break-up, then we are told that new powers are given to Jerry Springer (a Zionist and politician I may add!) to have extra bouncers on his show, which will also now be shown twice daily.

You may scoff, but this is what is being pushed on us dumb goyim cattle by our lords and masters as more Police State powers are passed, whilst marriage is constantly undermined and attacked.

So what, you may ask does all this have to do with "Might is Right" and the purveyors of this worldview?

Well, surely if might is indeed right, then we should roll over and die, for the State is all mighty and they are forcing through laws on societal and moral issues with their powers like never before.

Is homosexuality wrong? Our government forced through laws to "prove" the contrary against the views of the public.

Are needless Zionist wars wrong? Our government forced us into wars to benefit Israel and the Neo Cons against the views of the public.

Is mass immigration wrong? Our government forced it upon us against the views of the public.

If "might is right" then our government, America, Israel, the Neo Cons and more are the ultimate 'right' in this world surely?

If "might is right" then the Soviets with their Kosher Commissars and the Americans with their bankster-backers were ultimately proved right in the ashes of 1945 (Dresden proving their ultimate right to rule us).

If "might is right" then the abortionist with his poisons, knives and suction machines is right and the little innocent in her mother's womb is wrong.

Might is right is a self-evident nonsensical position. Might is most often used by those in the wrong to justify their position and to silence those voices who prove them wrong.

Money is the root of all evil. That essential truth may be close to 2000 years old, but it remains no less true today.

The son who puts his mother in a nursing home to sell her property and pocket the proceeds is no less evil than a politician who sells out his country on immigration, abortion, foreign wars etc. then gets a cosy sinecure from a bank or multinational when he retires.

Yet according to the might is right creed, both are to be acclaimed because both use their power to push through their ends.

Money is the root of all evil, moreover those who will do and say anything to gain money have sold their souls to evil.

In this age the ultimate evil lies with the power of the banksters and the multinationals, for they on the one hand create money out of thin air as a debt to strangle nations, communities and families, and on the other hand they create huge monopolies and a homogeneous mass of people across the globe.

Right: Think of the many people who work all hours, limit the number or even go without children so they can pay the mortgage (to a bank), pay the fuel bills (to a multinational) and buy food (from a multinational). Are we really any different from the proles who were worked to death, forced to rent homes from the factory-owners and forced to buy shoddy food from the factory-owners?

That is why we have politicians that attack the family via divorce, abortion and homosexuality, that undermine our communities via mass immigration, that rip apart communities and families through drug abuse, that destroy other nations through illegal Zionist wars.

Why? Because virtually every politician that matters is already bought and sold by the super-powerful banksters and the multinationals (inc the media barons).

Tony Blair is only the latest in a (very!) long line of traitor politicians who has left office to get well-paid sinecures and political baubles from a Masonic system that rewards its own, that rewards treachery and moral cowardice, that uses the vast power, vast wealth and total control of its assets to keep a morally vacuous system trundling along.

Even in office so many of the political class (in and out of power, establishment and anti-establishment) are selling-out whilst on the take and/or fiddling their expenses, cowardice makes sure they toe certain lines for fear of losing lucrative incomes whilst greed sees them pocketing funds.

More often than not those out of office, especially if they want to gain office, do exactly the same and mirror the actions and the attitudes of those in office - thus the blind believers in democracy are robbed of their false hopes before they are presented with them.

So, to summarise, if you believe that 'Might is Right' you must be an ardent follower of Stalin, Tony Blair and the Zionist Neo Cons, you must admire the son who profits from his mothers institutionalisation, you must admire the mass-murdering rich abortionist, you must admire the drugs gangs that rule parts of our cities, and you must admire those who try to turn this country into a controlled, watched, suppressed molten mass of TV-watching, Sun-reading automatons.

If you believe that 'Might is Right' then you have to worship the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterals, the Freemasons, Illuminati etc. because these people have had more belief in their ideals than we have - they have managed to flip society on its head and get all the rotten ideals that we should hate accepted by the mass of people, even if only for the sake of a quiet life.

Even more than that you must be a huge fan of the international financiers and banksters - for theirs is the mightiest and most powerful position in the world. They can buy whatever influence, whatever group, whatever political system they need to.

The banksters really are the lords of the earth.

I have always believed that right is right and that wrong is wrong. No amount of pounds, dollars or shekels can convince me that abortion, immigration, homosexuality, drug abuse etc. are right nor that those powerful enough to push these cancers on a long-suffering nation are anything but criminals dressed up in gilt-edged finery given false praise by a media owned by Masonic press barons.

In this world where might is already "right" (i.e. perceived to be right, for they buy their influence) and the duplicitous bribed by baubles politicians and editors would do well to remember the 2000 year-old words of Jesus Christ, whom so many of them pay meaningless lip service to:

"But let your statement be, 'Yes, yes ' or 'No, no'; anything beyond these is of evil."

In other words, when you say yes - mean it! When you say no - mean it! Be loyal to the truth and put away the lies.

What a revolutionary principle!

Perhaps if people thought that the Truth is Right rather than Might is Right we might do away with the rich liars, Masonic manipulators and their paid hirelings which keep us fed on lies and subdued.

Tell the dad denied access to his children; tell the family whose home is repossessed by the bank; tell the Palestinian whose family has just been killed by the Israelis; tell the American people who are going to have another servant of the banks and Israel thrust upon them that "Might is Right" and they may well laugh at you.

I certainly will.

Yes yes, no no
Wikipedia on Might is Right and the Satanist link


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