Wednesday, 19 March 2008

We're Still Being Neo-Conned

Hold the front page!

George Dubya says that Iraq was the right thing to do and that his illegal invasion has stopped Iraq being used by "Al Qaeda."

Now, now. Stop laughing.

This kind of thing once held sway in the backwoods of America. Everything was the fault of Osama and his chums and we were all "fighting terror."

With Gordon Brown's "National Security Strategy" uncovered today, we are still being fed the "nightmare fears" of terror (oh, and global warming too).

Of course the fact the MI5 was having a huge cash and personnel injection is exactly what the Spooks want.

As with so much of the "War on Terror" etc. it all boils down to money and power. Certain people want more money for their agencies. Others want more money paid to their multinationals (wars = big profits). Some wanted oil revenues and profits.

As usual, money is the root of all evil, a pattern often repeated in our oh so modern world.

Just today some profiteers in the City of London put out false rumours about some banks facing finance problems (i.e. shortages of funds a la Northern (C)Rock) in order to see the shares in the banks plummet, so they could buy them up at bargain prices and make a nice profit.

These people don't care about jobs and families, they care only about money and bumper bonuses. Likewise those who profiteered via Iraq couldn't give a fig for the up to 800,000 dead Iraqis... as long as the government contracts roll their way.

Yet there is another angle on this, and it's an angle that is ignored (purposefully and otherwise) by pacifists, socialists and others because it is too gigantic and embarrassing.

It is the proverbial 'Elephant in the Room' painted luminous yellow, or to put it another way, the Emperor is not only butt naked, but he's cartwheeling on the village green, much to the disdain of the local cricket team.

Last night on the BBC's Newsnight an ex-MP let the genie out of the bottle. Asked why he eventually voted in favour of the invasion (despite the loud protests even of his own daughter) he said he was told (by whom???) that if the UK didn't occupy Basra, Israel would!

His half-hearted defence of his actions ran that he would rather Britain be involved (to control events and add some professionalism etc.) than Israel with all that would entail.

So there we have it:

1. Our troops died in place of Israelis.
2. That illegal war in which MPs were pressurised and shown false "proof" was carried out on behalf of Israel (as we always said it was).

It was always clear that Iraq was a Zionist affair (as I said, despite the silence from pacifists and reds) after the first war/invasion.

Look at how it transmogrified into something harmless:
Operation Israel Shield
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm.

That is fact. That is undeniable fact.

Now, the Newsnight report on the way MPs were pushed to vote for British involvement in an illegal war to keep Israel out of it (at least overtly, we all know their black ops teams have assassinated their way across Iraq) adds yet another facet to this illegal Zionist war.

So there we have it, brave soul.

There is no doubt (was there ever any?) that this war, which Dubya still tries to (neo) con us into accepting via nonsense about 911 and "Al Qaeda," was all about Zionism, Israeli position - with money, power and oil as facilitating factors.

Neo-Conned: essential reading for nationalists


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