Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Great Satan Murder Archbishop

Many Arabs and Persians call America "the Great Satan."

Right: Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of Mosul, kidnaped and murdered. Before Zionist intervention Christians in Iraq were not only safe, but also in the government, army etc.

To many 'intellectuals' in the west with their humanist agenda this is laughable.

In the same way that they scoff at Russian elections, whilst nodding sagely as hanging chads and lawyers decide which one of two Bonesman (i.e. members of the bizarre Skull & Bones secret society) become President of America, they tend to frame all those who oppose the New World Order as the "baddies."

Of course CIA puppets and media-created bad-men play into their hands -- whilst those who create illegal wars where natty suits and are finely coiffured -- but pushing their humanist 'touchy-feely', kosherised 'war on terror' world government agenda on the backs of hundreds of thousands of dead could be described as truly Satanic.

Who else but humanist Freemasons could stage endless wars whilst always talking about "freedom" and even "peace" (not forgetting the stomach churning "democracy")?

Of course they are merely mimicking their masters in Israel who have become at experts in this meaningless verbiage. Their very state (illegal from the start) was born of terror, murder and subterfuge and has ever been thus, on the back of illegal wars, terror attacks on their enemies and allies alike: was 911 anything other than a black op akin to the USS Liberty? Both prepared the way for illegal wars to secure Israel's position.

How many of the terrorist outrages in Iraq were carried out by the Mossad? As in the Iran - Iraq war, how many arms and explosives were supplied to the gangs and criminals by the CIA and Mossad?

And now we see that with Iraq flooded by American troops, artificially hoping to enforce their rule and their version of "democracy" on an occupied people, the Spooks are happy to continue with their role of terrorists par excellance.

Is the murder of a leading Iraqi Christian beyond those in the West who claim to be fighting a war on behalf of a "Clash of Civilisations?" Don't you believe it!

They are adept at using criminal gangs, agent provocateurs and direct action to carry out outrages which ratchet up the tension.

These people have a humanist, Talmudic, oligarchic disdain/hatred of Christianity, only seeking to pay lip service to it when it suits their Neo-Con agenda.

Whether in Mosul or the Gaza, these people think nothing of murdering Christians and bombing Christian Holy Sites.

That is the damning reality of their war.

If there is a "Clash of Civilisations" it is that of the men of Faith, of Nationhood, of the rights of Families on one side against the men of Masonry, of World Government and of the rights of homosexuals, abortionists etc. on the other.

The Iraqi people never posed any threat to us before or after "911" just as the people of Iran never posed any threat before or after whatever event/outrage the Neo Cons stage to justify their strike against Iran.

If there are a people who threaten us it is the spooks and their masters who order and carry out the attacks ordered by their Zionist bosses, whether it's directly or indirectly carrying out the 911 murders, or whether it's the kidnap and assassination of an Iraqi Christian leader.

It is they who created the whole Palestinian situation; it is they who created Al Qaeda; it is they who perpetuate the ridiculous "war on terror" and it is they who are pushing for yet more war
with Iran.

If we want peace we have to throw of the shackles of Zionism and that means:

# Independence from America - no more the 51st State.
# Supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.
# Repatriating Non-Europeans, whith aid packages to help resettlement.
# Support for Christian communities, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. especially in Palestine.
# Educating our people and freedom-lovers throughout the world of the crimes of Zionism so we can learn from the past ('Never Again' anyone?).

Bishop Blames USA for Archbishop's Murder


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