Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Kosher Goons Cover-Up for Mossad-CIA

In the latest bizarre twist, Griffin's kosherised BNP is seeking to blame Muslims abroad and Muslims in England for drugs, especially heroin.

Right: Cocaine originates in the CIA's playground of South America.

The link below from the NW Nationalists nails this lie. We all know that most drugs gangs are nominally Christian West Indians. We all know that most coke heads are the stupid Whites.

The Kosher BNP also knows full well that since America's invasion of Afghanistan, the exportation of heroin has mushroomed - whereas the Taliban had reduced it considerably.

Anyone with even an inkling in international affairs knows full well that the CIA and Mossad fund many of their operations via large scale movements of drugs.

Now there may well be Muslim drugs gangs, though I doubt they are any more religious than the "Christian" negro gangs.

There may well be some Muslims ("terrorists" even!) overseas who profit in exporting drugs, but they pale in comparison to the vast amounts controlled and shipped by the CIA, Mossad and those controlling the "war no terror."

We are not the only ones to see the Kosherisation of the BNP to be continuing apace.

With Lee Barnes entering the fray to screech that 'the main funding of the Islamic Jihad comes from heroin' we see, once more, how the BNP has become indistinguishable from Melanie Phillips, Richard Littlejohn, David Aaronovitch and the other hired helps of Israel.

Let the BNP expose the CIA. Let the BNP expose the Mossad. Let the BNP expose the many Jewish drug rings. Let the BNP expose the American/Zionist role in the Afghani heroin trade.

How much more of the Kosher "war on terror" bs do we have to put up with?

If it sounds Zionist, looks Zionist and smells Zionist - call it what it is: Zionist!

Griffin Blames the Muslims


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