Thursday, 13 March 2008

War No Terror?

As much as I may dislike the Jewish con artist with the fixation on childhood fixations - zoiks! - and bizarre pornographic interpretations of most (what Americans call) "issues" I did make what is known as a Freudian slip yesterday.

Look at my last post and you'll see I wrote "war no terror" in what could be called a "tryping errot" and on seeing this, over my morning cup of tea (civilised society is here to stay!) my first inclination was to correct the result of my errant (not to say non existant) typing skills.

However, on thinking it through, the "war no terror" tag might well come to explain the current state of affairs. In a world where "terrorism" is, more often than not, state-sponsored (and by that I mean primarily CIA and Mossad) not to mention the many links with Freemasonry and the terrorist groups in Europe since the 60s/70s. Even in Ireland with so many IRA men being 'outed' as British Agents, one has to ask who is running the show...

We could say there is nothing but terror. Tell the Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians that as American-made shells land in their homes and kill their infants that they don't face terror, but sadly in our media-controlled minds (as a people) terror has become almost synonymous with the "other side" i.e. those peoples and states that pose a threat (direct or indirect) to Israel and the Neo Cons.

That is how well the CIA, Mossad and others have used and abused the media to run their so-called "war on terror" so if, as a means to redress the balance some of us refer to the war no terror - that's fine.

As we see the top US Army honcho in the Mid East sacked for not favouring a war with Iran, we have to ask if we are - simply to protect war criminals and maniacs in Israel - entering a period of Orwellesque constant war.

Indeed, as the Israeli "Defence" (ha ha ha!) Minister threatened a holocaust of the Palestinians (see link below), we have to ask what kind of gangsters, maniacs and nutters (with illegal nuclear weapons!) we are sending our young men (and women) to die for.

As I believe we are in danger of being in a state of constant war, with more goyim troops sent to die for the Neo Cons, then it is the duty of every single nationalist - regardless of party, affiliation, ideology or lack of it - to shout down the semi-Kosher blatherings of those who would turn nationalism into a ridiculous "Anti-Muslim" pressure group to be used as the boot boys of the Kosher media hirelings.

Not one more dead White soldier, not one more dead Arab child.

Let's tell Israel and their hirelings that we have had enough.

Justice for the Palestinians. Return all non-White immigrants (Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist - whatever) to their homelands.

That will stop us being involved or the victims of any more "terror" or the Zionists' endless, needless wars.

Israeli Defence Minister Threatens Holocaust of Palestinians

P.S. Do a web search of "Palestine Shoa" and you'll find blogs etc. commenting on the Israeli Defence Minister's faux pas, yet no BBC, CNN, Reuters or other media links. Is this another one of those "non stories" our peoples aren't supposed to hear?


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