Thursday, 27 March 2008

Support Genuine Nationalism

Each year we ask supporters to donate the costs of our online charges, to help us keep other money for campaigns and new productions & materials, and to keep FC online as a voice for sane nationalism, a nationalism that will not give way to Multi-Racism, Zionism, Communism or any other of the forces that assault our civilisation.

Above Right: FC supports initiatives that oppose Capitalism and Big Business.

The donations of our supporters are vital. We rely on the support of genuine nationalists as we have not sold out, we do not have shadowy backers etc.

This year we aim to raise £160. It's a relative drop in the ocean compared to the vast amounts creamed off by party politicians of every shade.

Further more, we'll give a run-down of who is donating (initials usually) and where they are from.

So please do donate. Whether it's £5 or £50, every penny is appreciated and will help keep FC's voice on the internet.

You can drop us a line ( - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Help support genuine nationalism in 2008.


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