Friday, 28 March 2008

Last Week's Quote

"Executives admitted the corporation is dominated by homosexuals and people from ethnic minorities [and] deliberately promotes multiculturalism..."

Leaked report of BBC 'Impartiality Summit,' September 2006 (Mail on Sunday, 22/10/06).

Thursday, 27 March 2008

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The donations of our supporters are vital. We rely on the support of genuine nationalists as we have not sold out, we do not have shadowy backers etc.

This year we aim to raise £160. It's a relative drop in the ocean compared to the vast amounts creamed off by party politicians of every shade.

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Sunday, 23 March 2008

USA and Israel: Partners in Crime

How often have we witnessed America backing, covering-up for, supplying and excusing Israel?

Left: Whoever is in the Oval Office, America will do Israel's bidding. Whichever newspaper you read, none will openly denounce the Zionist control of America. There are much more than 59 Million dumb people!

Does 'Joe Public' not see the contradictions, the laughable ridiculousness and the sickening inevitability in having America as the originator of all the Palestinian-Jewish "peace plans" (sic)?

Would we put Sweeney Todd in charge of a meeting of butchers and vegetarians?

Or Jeremy Clarkson in charge of a meeting of the Department of Transport and Greenpeace?

Yet the world sits and the media barely blinks as America hosts so many of these "peace talks" as it bankrolls Israel in the billions, supplies Israel with weaponry and military intelligence, and blocks UN Resolutions against Israeli crimes, terror and persecution.

Right: An Israeli soldier aims at Palestinian children. Is his weapon US-supplied? Will America cover-up another murder?

Think about it, White Nationalist.

Open your eyes.

"Cheney's statements certify that the American Administration is a partner with the Israeli occupation in its crimes committed against our Palestinian people," Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in Gaza told reporters.

Hamas Response to Cheney's statement

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday Greetings to all Nationalists

May I wish all FC readers and supporters, and all Nationalists a very Happy and Holy Good Friday.

Right: A devotional text from Augsberg, Germany, circa 1500-1525 with various scenes of Christ's Good Friday Passion.

Good Friday has been celebrated by our peoples for generation after generation, for well over 1200 years by the Anglo-Saxon English, by the Welsh, Cumbrians and Cornish (the Britons) for well over 1500 years (some for 1800 years, or even 2000 years if you believe that Christ visited Celtic Somerset/Cornwall - see first link below) and by the Irish, Scots and Highlanders for (Gaels, Scots and Picts) for around 1400 years or thereabouts.

It is a Feast Day that runs through the blood in our veins, it has a deep meaning for all of us who are Christian, just as it was the most important day of the year for all our forefathers.

That is why it has been under a corrosive insidious attack for many years by humanists, Masons, communists and others who seek to abuse the "multi-cult" status of Europe to try and diminish the importance of Easter.

A shot was fired across the bows of the Masonic clique by Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ, because it revealed the true, Biblical nature of Good Friday and was faithful to the events of that day that would reverberate throughout history.

He was called a bigot, a hater, an anti-Semite... all the usual tags which the Lodge bosses use to try and destroy dissent to their humanist drivel which seeks to wipe out all our historic traditions, whether via violent revolution, degenerate TV or mass coloured immigration.

This year the BBC has even saw fit to produce it's own sanitised (dare I say Judaised?) version called The Passion, which has had no condemnation by the (spiritual) descendants of the Sadducees and Pharisees. Even the 'rich trader' Joseph of Arimathea (whom some say brought Christ, as a boy, to ancient Britain) is turned into a sub-Saharan negro by the production company.

This evening I will gather the clan to watch Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and so, in our household at least, the BBC's Lodge-ordered watering-down of Easter will pass unnoticed.

Whilst the Tescos, Sainsburys and Marks & Spencers of this world remain open. Whilst the media give the airwaves over to all manner of anti-Christian, anti-European and anti-White insidious propaganda. Whilst the nightclubs of the world remain open to the negro chants and homosexual rhythms of a decrepit, degenerate generation...

Let's keep alive the traditions of our forefathers reaching back into antiquity and in so doing thwart the machinations of those who oppose our ideal of Faith, Family, Nation.

Post Script:

As we celebrate Good Friday and Easter, let's think of the Palestinians who are also celebrating Easter under awful conditions, often barred from visiting their churches by Zionist checkpoints and walls.

It is especially noticeable that at this time our leaders choose to ally themselves not with the Christian Arab peoples who celebrate Easter with us, but with the people who not only do not celebrate Easter, but given the chance would crucify Him again (just as they try and water down Christian Easter prayers and media portrayals of Easter).

In the bottom link below, there's a story from Germany. The same Germany that gave the Israeli bandit state nuclear submarines in "reparation for the holocaust." Should military hardware which Israel (state sponsor of terrorism) would easily use against Arabs really be a gift for events 60 years ago for which Germany has already forked out billions?

Jews in Germany are now criticising the Pope for not altering the traditional Good Friday "prayer for the ('perfidious') Jews" enough. Yep the Pope succumbed to Zionist pressure. Yep the Pope already altered the prayer, without asking Jews to amend Talmudic texts which use semi-pornographic and vile language to describe Christ and the Virgin Mary.

As usual the cry from the Pharisees is that this is not enough! They get the modern day crowd (of journalists and agitators) to cry out against "anti-Semitism" and Christian traditions (if you listen closely it sounds suspiciously like "Free Barabas").

These people will never be happy because they - Israel Firsters, Lodge members etc. - hate Christianity and especially loathe Good Friday as it, plain and simple, is the story of how the Jewish authorities used the Romans (shades of Neo Con wars today) to crucify Christ.

They can't change history (though they try...) and so they apply pressure to try and control how Christians view Easter. As you'll read in the penultimate link below, a Zionist Jew writes that Neo-Con "conservative" American Christians really do not understand Jews' relation to Christ and Easter. This reflects a huge ignorance and obscenely large cultural blinkers especially (but not exclusively) in American WASPs which explains how America has been able to support Israel so exclusively.

Christ with Joseph of Arimathea in Celtic Britain
Wikipedia on Joseph of Arimathea (inc Christianity in Britain)

Easter Message from Palestinian Christians
Easter in Palestine
Wikipedia on Good Friday
Iranians Celebrate Good Friday
Good Friday (includes definition of name)
The Sadducees and Pharisees
Zionist Jew: Jews Don't Need Christ
Jews Attack Pope over Good Friday Prayer

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

We're Still Being Neo-Conned

Hold the front page!

George Dubya says that Iraq was the right thing to do and that his illegal invasion has stopped Iraq being used by "Al Qaeda."

Now, now. Stop laughing.

This kind of thing once held sway in the backwoods of America. Everything was the fault of Osama and his chums and we were all "fighting terror."

With Gordon Brown's "National Security Strategy" uncovered today, we are still being fed the "nightmare fears" of terror (oh, and global warming too).

Of course the fact the MI5 was having a huge cash and personnel injection is exactly what the Spooks want.

As with so much of the "War on Terror" etc. it all boils down to money and power. Certain people want more money for their agencies. Others want more money paid to their multinationals (wars = big profits). Some wanted oil revenues and profits.

As usual, money is the root of all evil, a pattern often repeated in our oh so modern world.

Just today some profiteers in the City of London put out false rumours about some banks facing finance problems (i.e. shortages of funds a la Northern (C)Rock) in order to see the shares in the banks plummet, so they could buy them up at bargain prices and make a nice profit.

These people don't care about jobs and families, they care only about money and bumper bonuses. Likewise those who profiteered via Iraq couldn't give a fig for the up to 800,000 dead Iraqis... as long as the government contracts roll their way.

Yet there is another angle on this, and it's an angle that is ignored (purposefully and otherwise) by pacifists, socialists and others because it is too gigantic and embarrassing.

It is the proverbial 'Elephant in the Room' painted luminous yellow, or to put it another way, the Emperor is not only butt naked, but he's cartwheeling on the village green, much to the disdain of the local cricket team.

Last night on the BBC's Newsnight an ex-MP let the genie out of the bottle. Asked why he eventually voted in favour of the invasion (despite the loud protests even of his own daughter) he said he was told (by whom???) that if the UK didn't occupy Basra, Israel would!

His half-hearted defence of his actions ran that he would rather Britain be involved (to control events and add some professionalism etc.) than Israel with all that would entail.

So there we have it:

1. Our troops died in place of Israelis.
2. That illegal war in which MPs were pressurised and shown false "proof" was carried out on behalf of Israel (as we always said it was).

It was always clear that Iraq was a Zionist affair (as I said, despite the silence from pacifists and reds) after the first war/invasion.

Look at how it transmogrified into something harmless:
Operation Israel Shield
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm.

That is fact. That is undeniable fact.

Now, the Newsnight report on the way MPs were pushed to vote for British involvement in an illegal war to keep Israel out of it (at least overtly, we all know their black ops teams have assassinated their way across Iraq) adds yet another facet to this illegal Zionist war.

So there we have it, brave soul.

There is no doubt (was there ever any?) that this war, which Dubya still tries to (neo) con us into accepting via nonsense about 911 and "Al Qaeda," was all about Zionism, Israeli position - with money, power and oil as facilitating factors.

Neo-Conned: essential reading for nationalists

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Irish Report on Free Speech

Here's an interesting report on Revisionism, Socialists and University Life from an FC Blog reader in Ireland:

Free Speech at UCC

Drugs and the West Indies

Thanks to veteran nationalist Ian Buckley who got in touch over the post on this blog knocking the Griffinite BNP for seeking to blame "Muslims" for the drugs trade.

Here's a link to Mr. Buckley's feature on drugs and political correctness viz Tony Blair and Jamaica:

Ian Buckley on Drugs and West Indians

Plenty of food for thought for the modernistas in today's "it's all the Muslims" anti-racist BNP!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh

A very Happy St Patrick's Day to all our Irish readers and all FC supporters of Irish descent.

The (end stanza of the) Lorica of Saint Patrick

I arise today
Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
Through a belief in the Threeness,
Through a confession of the Oneness
Of the Creator of creation

St. Patrick (ca. 377).

As the Irish move towards the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (Constitution!), let us hope their love of freedom stirs them to vote against the Socialist monolith in Brussels, just as they did with the Nice Treaty.

All our freedoms may well be in their hands.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

Wikipedia on St Patrick
Ecclesiastical History of St Patrick

Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Great Satan Murder Archbishop

Many Arabs and Persians call America "the Great Satan."

Right: Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of Mosul, kidnaped and murdered. Before Zionist intervention Christians in Iraq were not only safe, but also in the government, army etc.

To many 'intellectuals' in the west with their humanist agenda this is laughable.

In the same way that they scoff at Russian elections, whilst nodding sagely as hanging chads and lawyers decide which one of two Bonesman (i.e. members of the bizarre Skull & Bones secret society) become President of America, they tend to frame all those who oppose the New World Order as the "baddies."

Of course CIA puppets and media-created bad-men play into their hands -- whilst those who create illegal wars where natty suits and are finely coiffured -- but pushing their humanist 'touchy-feely', kosherised 'war on terror' world government agenda on the backs of hundreds of thousands of dead could be described as truly Satanic.

Who else but humanist Freemasons could stage endless wars whilst always talking about "freedom" and even "peace" (not forgetting the stomach churning "democracy")?

Of course they are merely mimicking their masters in Israel who have become at experts in this meaningless verbiage. Their very state (illegal from the start) was born of terror, murder and subterfuge and has ever been thus, on the back of illegal wars, terror attacks on their enemies and allies alike: was 911 anything other than a black op akin to the USS Liberty? Both prepared the way for illegal wars to secure Israel's position.

How many of the terrorist outrages in Iraq were carried out by the Mossad? As in the Iran - Iraq war, how many arms and explosives were supplied to the gangs and criminals by the CIA and Mossad?

And now we see that with Iraq flooded by American troops, artificially hoping to enforce their rule and their version of "democracy" on an occupied people, the Spooks are happy to continue with their role of terrorists par excellance.

Is the murder of a leading Iraqi Christian beyond those in the West who claim to be fighting a war on behalf of a "Clash of Civilisations?" Don't you believe it!

They are adept at using criminal gangs, agent provocateurs and direct action to carry out outrages which ratchet up the tension.

These people have a humanist, Talmudic, oligarchic disdain/hatred of Christianity, only seeking to pay lip service to it when it suits their Neo-Con agenda.

Whether in Mosul or the Gaza, these people think nothing of murdering Christians and bombing Christian Holy Sites.

That is the damning reality of their war.

If there is a "Clash of Civilisations" it is that of the men of Faith, of Nationhood, of the rights of Families on one side against the men of Masonry, of World Government and of the rights of homosexuals, abortionists etc. on the other.

The Iraqi people never posed any threat to us before or after "911" just as the people of Iran never posed any threat before or after whatever event/outrage the Neo Cons stage to justify their strike against Iran.

If there are a people who threaten us it is the spooks and their masters who order and carry out the attacks ordered by their Zionist bosses, whether it's directly or indirectly carrying out the 911 murders, or whether it's the kidnap and assassination of an Iraqi Christian leader.

It is they who created the whole Palestinian situation; it is they who created Al Qaeda; it is they who perpetuate the ridiculous "war on terror" and it is they who are pushing for yet more war
with Iran.

If we want peace we have to throw of the shackles of Zionism and that means:

# Independence from America - no more the 51st State.
# Supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.
# Repatriating Non-Europeans, whith aid packages to help resettlement.
# Support for Christian communities, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. especially in Palestine.
# Educating our people and freedom-lovers throughout the world of the crimes of Zionism so we can learn from the past ('Never Again' anyone?).

Bishop Blames USA for Archbishop's Murder

Friday, 14 March 2008

BNP Launches Court Action to Wash Dirty Laundry in Public

It seems that the BNP leader is either seeking to kill off all thought of democracy and members' rights within the BNP or is about to bring all the BNP's dirty washing out into a very public arena.

Today he launched a high court action against the "Enough is Enough rebels" for misuse of the BNP membership lists and, as I understand it, bringing the BNP into disrepute.

In the shadow of paedophile activity, sordid orgies, money-grubbing, gaining entry by deception and (alleged) burglary - amongst much else besides - the latter point "bringing the BNP into disrepute" is a bit rich.

With legal help from many Nationalist bigwigs of various hues, it's unlikely Mr. Griffin will have an easy ride.

With a high level BNP activist raided last week for selling "F### Islam" and Combat 18 badges, there is a feeling abroad that the BNP is rotting from within with a blind eye being turned to all manner of illegal activity as long as it is "loyalist" and not critical of an authoritarian leadership.

For more news on the recent events, and Lee "Israel First" Barnes losing the plot (again) visit the NW Nationalist blog links below:

Griffin Launches High Court Action.
Early News of Court Action.
Early Rumours of Court Action.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Violent Storm Remembered

Today is the 13th of March.

Those of us lucky enough to have counted the Violent Storm lads as good friends and comrades will always remember this day.

1992 seems, in many respects, like an age ago. Yet sometimes that sad time seems like yesterday. Certainly the four people we lost on that day 16 years ago had characters larger than life that can still make many of us smile with the precious memories we will always retain.

Paul, Brian, Darren and Jason died on the 13th of March 1992, but their memory lives on.

Rest in Peace comrades.

Fe Godwn Ni Eto. We Shall Rise Again.

Last Week's Quote

"A man who says that no patriot should attack the war until it is over... is saying no good son should warn his mother of a cliff until she has fallen."

G.K. Chesterton.

War No Terror?

As much as I may dislike the Jewish con artist with the fixation on childhood fixations - zoiks! - and bizarre pornographic interpretations of most (what Americans call) "issues" I did make what is known as a Freudian slip yesterday.

Look at my last post and you'll see I wrote "war no terror" in what could be called a "tryping errot" and on seeing this, over my morning cup of tea (civilised society is here to stay!) my first inclination was to correct the result of my errant (not to say non existant) typing skills.

However, on thinking it through, the "war no terror" tag might well come to explain the current state of affairs. In a world where "terrorism" is, more often than not, state-sponsored (and by that I mean primarily CIA and Mossad) not to mention the many links with Freemasonry and the terrorist groups in Europe since the 60s/70s. Even in Ireland with so many IRA men being 'outed' as British Agents, one has to ask who is running the show...

We could say there is nothing but terror. Tell the Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians that as American-made shells land in their homes and kill their infants that they don't face terror, but sadly in our media-controlled minds (as a people) terror has become almost synonymous with the "other side" i.e. those peoples and states that pose a threat (direct or indirect) to Israel and the Neo Cons.

That is how well the CIA, Mossad and others have used and abused the media to run their so-called "war on terror" so if, as a means to redress the balance some of us refer to the war no terror - that's fine.

As we see the top US Army honcho in the Mid East sacked for not favouring a war with Iran, we have to ask if we are - simply to protect war criminals and maniacs in Israel - entering a period of Orwellesque constant war.

Indeed, as the Israeli "Defence" (ha ha ha!) Minister threatened a holocaust of the Palestinians (see link below), we have to ask what kind of gangsters, maniacs and nutters (with illegal nuclear weapons!) we are sending our young men (and women) to die for.

As I believe we are in danger of being in a state of constant war, with more goyim troops sent to die for the Neo Cons, then it is the duty of every single nationalist - regardless of party, affiliation, ideology or lack of it - to shout down the semi-Kosher blatherings of those who would turn nationalism into a ridiculous "Anti-Muslim" pressure group to be used as the boot boys of the Kosher media hirelings.

Not one more dead White soldier, not one more dead Arab child.

Let's tell Israel and their hirelings that we have had enough.

Justice for the Palestinians. Return all non-White immigrants (Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist - whatever) to their homelands.

That will stop us being involved or the victims of any more "terror" or the Zionists' endless, needless wars.

Israeli Defence Minister Threatens Holocaust of Palestinians

P.S. Do a web search of "Palestine Shoa" and you'll find blogs etc. commenting on the Israeli Defence Minister's faux pas, yet no BBC, CNN, Reuters or other media links. Is this another one of those "non stories" our peoples aren't supposed to hear?

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Kosher Goons Cover-Up for Mossad-CIA

In the latest bizarre twist, Griffin's kosherised BNP is seeking to blame Muslims abroad and Muslims in England for drugs, especially heroin.

Right: Cocaine originates in the CIA's playground of South America.

The link below from the NW Nationalists nails this lie. We all know that most drugs gangs are nominally Christian West Indians. We all know that most coke heads are the stupid Whites.

The Kosher BNP also knows full well that since America's invasion of Afghanistan, the exportation of heroin has mushroomed - whereas the Taliban had reduced it considerably.

Anyone with even an inkling in international affairs knows full well that the CIA and Mossad fund many of their operations via large scale movements of drugs.

Now there may well be Muslim drugs gangs, though I doubt they are any more religious than the "Christian" negro gangs.

There may well be some Muslims ("terrorists" even!) overseas who profit in exporting drugs, but they pale in comparison to the vast amounts controlled and shipped by the CIA, Mossad and those controlling the "war no terror."

We are not the only ones to see the Kosherisation of the BNP to be continuing apace.

With Lee Barnes entering the fray to screech that 'the main funding of the Islamic Jihad comes from heroin' we see, once more, how the BNP has become indistinguishable from Melanie Phillips, Richard Littlejohn, David Aaronovitch and the other hired helps of Israel.

Let the BNP expose the CIA. Let the BNP expose the Mossad. Let the BNP expose the many Jewish drug rings. Let the BNP expose the American/Zionist role in the Afghani heroin trade.

How much more of the Kosher "war on terror" bs do we have to put up with?

If it sounds Zionist, looks Zionist and smells Zionist - call it what it is: Zionist!

Griffin Blames the Muslims

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

FC Poll Result on Acceptable Nationalists

Do you think any of these should be allowed in the nationalist movement:

Drug Users
5 (13%)
7 (18%)
6 (16%)
2 (5%)
5 (13%)
10 (27%)
Serial Adulterors
5 (13%)
2 (5%)
None of the Above
20 (54%)

Votes so far: 37

As usual our poll has offered a few interesting results.

Clearly there are a core of bad visitors, with 2 people voting for paedos and thieves (perhaps the BNP design team?) as for the rest if you take away the figures for bankrupts (given the BNP leader is one, it might explain the hight percentage) the other figures fluctuate at 13 - 18%, a low figure when you discount the 5% who voted for paedos and burglars.

At a rough figure then we can say that circa 87% of nationalists do not favour the inclusion of homosexuals, Jews, non-Whites etc. That doesn't even take into account non-nationalist visitors who might have made a vote in favour of one or other of the categories to register their attack on nationalism.

Food for thought...

Bye Bye Avram Grant

I don't normally wax lyrical about sporting events. Some people think they are still little more than the Bread and Circuses of the Romans, and to an extent they are correct.

Right: despite Roman Abramovitch's billions andthe placement of his co-religionist puppet Avram Grant as manager, Chelsea slumped out of the FA Cup to South Yorkshire's Barnsley.

However, it is a man of little feeling who feels no empathy with his home-town team. In working class communities there has always been a release to be found in sports, even going back to the Middle Ages and the pre-cursors to football and rugby that involved whole villages, often linked with religious festivals and with some prize at the end of it to bolster the accomplishment and local pride of the winning "team."

Whatever you might think of the Romans, they knew a lot about running an Empire - good and bad. Who's to say we don't like circuses? We certainly need bread!

What I find unpleasant is that the game which is known as the "national game" - certainly in England - has become the plaything of the mega-rich.

Gone are the days when you could stand on the terraces for a couple of quid of a Saturday afternoon (usually behind a cluster of bus drivers and a lonely bloke with a portable radio pressed to his ear to get the audio commentary from the local radio station).

The football clubs are now more and more the plaything of foreign rich men, with teams full of foreignors and prima donnas whose sole loyalty is to their vastly inflated wage packet.

That is why I was so pleased to see so many underdogs get through to the FA Cup semi-finals, West Brom being the exception - yet even they are far from "top flight."

So whatever you think of football, whatever you think of the bread and circuses thrown out to appease our people as their nations are invaded, whatever you think of the big pansies who dive and screech at the first sign of a tackle, you have to agree that the likes of Portsmouth, Cardiff and Barnsley make for better teams to reach the finals than Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Even if you might support the latter clubs, the more the mega-rich owners and pouting foreignor players fail to beat lower level teams, the more we may realise that conviction, effort and belief can achieve more than throwing money at anything.

What is true for sport is also true for politics and life in general.

The mega-rich, the gangsters and suchlike may get their way 90% of the time, but when Barnsley put Chelsea out of the Cup it makes you realise that the old saying is true:

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Israelis Murder Babe-in-Arms

20 Days Old.

One of dozens murdered by the Zionists.

No mention on BBC news.

Click below to read more (and for other news on Gaza etc.)

The 20 Day Old Princess

Jews Attack Bishop

The first link is to a forum thread because the articles have been reproduced there and there's no telling how long the Herald pieces will be accessible from its site:

I should think it's likely to form a Searchlight piece so nationalists may as well be in the know first!

The same Bishop's message to nationalists:

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Why is BNP No.2 Messing with Guns?

First we heard about Tony Lecomber and his bizarre illegal agent provo- cateur actions.

Right: Not only multi-racial and race-mixing "Brown Briton" friendly... There is a sinister side to the growing Kosherised BNP.

Now we hear about Simon Darby...

It would seem the very leadership of the BNP is infiltrated by those who enjoy playing up to Neo-Con Fear of Nightmares nonsense when it comes to "Muslim Terror" but who also enjoy their own form of petty terrorism and the procurement of young patriots to mess about with guns, explosives etc.

Not that the Kosher Media will care. They still need their pet Kosherised Anti-Muslim pressure valve.

5IMon Darby Sets up two nationalists

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Dydh Sen Pyran Da

A very happy St Piran's Day to the proud Celtic people of Cornwall.

Whether you are in Kernow itself as one of the "Southern Welsh" or if you're just a supporter of Celtic culture and the small nations of Europe, why not raise a glass for St Piran and the Cornish on their national day?

Dydh Sen Pyran Da.

There's a Cornish pastie (pasti Kernewek?) with my name on it somewhere...

St Piran's Flag from FC for £5

History of St Piran
Early British Kingdoms

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

BBC's "Hideously White" Con Trick

The BBC's series on the White Working Class - entitled simply WHITE - starts this Friday.

Can we expect the liberal BBC to finally acknowledge the terrible damage done to England, to genuine communities and to the identity of the working English?


Given that the promo is voiced over by Billy Bragg (with his rendition of Jerusalem) and that one promo also has snipets including ones attacking " 'orrible White neighbours" and extoling multi-culturalism I think I can see how this is going to end up.

Lip service to the undertrood Whites, perhaps some crocodile tears and sob stories just to make us think the BBC is "fair."

Left: Whilst most British people opposed mass coloured immigration and supported Enoch Powell for warning against the outcome of mass coloured immigration, the media has pushed a revisionist history in which almost everyone was appalled and he - an educated man - was some kind of "ignorant bigot." Can we expect anything more from the programme in the White series on Powell's speech?

Fat chance of that! Greg Dyke would have us believe that the BBC is "hideously White" (perhaps that should have been the title of their new series if they are to embrace the new transparency and honesty in journalism!)

In truth, as some BBC execs have admitted - more on this in a future post! - the BBC is in fact institutionally liberal and homosexual, and slanted against anything remotely normal.

As with homosexuality and AIDS, abortion, the family and so many other social issues - we can expect a slanted look from the BBC, we can expect multi-culturalism and race-mixing to come out of it smelling of roses and we can expect so many "experts" on these issues to come from the government, from left-wing think tanks and from the usual plethora of social workers and quango board members.

Still when all this has blown over we can at least get any advice we need from Billy Brag - who has made a "life choice" to decamp from multi-culti London to the White backwater of Dorset.

Nice to know the BBC's honesty and transparency doesn't prevent the lefty pro-Faggot, pro-immigration, Searchlight-hugging soap-box preaching activist from being the voice of this new series' promo.

Perhaps he can add another wing to his sprawling home in White Flight land!

FC Site with Billy Bragg's house pic

BBC's "White" Promo Site

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Last Week's Quote

"Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. "

G.K. Chesterton.

Is Might Right?

There's a saying which is used by some in the nationalist movement: might is right.

I have never agreed with it, and I'll tell you why.

We all know that crumbling morality is a problem in Britain and Europe. However strongly you feel about that or whatever stance you take, few will contend that falling moral standards (some might say a collapse in moral standards) have had a huge impact on society.

Can any point to drug addicts, gun-wielding gangs, lawless streets etc. and say that the collapse in the family hasn't played its role?

Even black activists and trendy social commentators today are admitting that the lack of black fathers who are actually present in black families has a huge impact and creates so much lawlessness in that young black children (as well as being alienated and being somewhat rootless) have no positive male role models.

This will come as little surprise to nationalists (though they know the problem stems from mass, uncontrolled immigration, cultural and racial alienation and a very real 'clash of cultures' which pre-dates any Neo Con nonsense).

So, we might ask, where our own people stand in regards to the collapse of the family, to single parent families, to rocketing divorce rates and to large scale abortions.

We all know people whose parents have divorced, and many of us know people who have divorced or even re-married, so it's not always easy to speak openly about such things. Yet it's very few (outside the commissars and pc brigade) who can state, hand on heart, that wide scale divorce is a good thing and is beneficial to the children involved and to wider society per se.

G.K. Chesterton once said that frivolous divorce will result in frivolous marriage.

Might it also be said that the modern trend for cohabiting, for unmarried single mothers, for men who walk away from pregnant girlfriends etc. etc. is the offspring of widespread divorce? For if we as a society have no sense of fidelity, loyalty, duty etc. within marriage - why should we as a society have any sense of fidelity, loyalty, duty before marriage?

Of course the frontal assault on marriage with this nonsense of "civil partnerships" is another way in which the powers-that-be, via their liberalising laws on marriage, push our society to a totally amoral situation.

We now have an 'anything goes' (media-termed) "metrosexual" society or as arch-liberal, Satanist and WW2 Allied-spy Aleister Crowley (a metrosexual before his time!) would label it, a 'do what thou wilt' society.

The politicians then wonder why crime is out of control, why the police cannot cope, and why the prisons are overfull.

In the shadow of this, of course, the State pushes for Big Brother controls. ID cards and DNA databases are just the thin end of the wedge and crime and "terrorism" (both created by the politicians and their actions) are the excuses given for yet more State powers.

Not only could they say 'Might is Right' about this Orwellesque State, but they keep planning (over and over again) to make themselves even mightier when it comes to social control.

The politicians do not seem to realise (though the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, high level Freemasons etc. surely do!) that these powers are wrong because they do not treat the root cause of the lawlessness, and it is the State which has been at fault and the cause of the immorality and amorality in society.

I'll give an analogy that the simple-minded can understand (essential in today's attention-span deficit society) just in case any Hillary Clinton supporters are looking in.

Imagine Jerry Springer being seen to cause familial break-up, then we are told that new powers are given to Jerry Springer (a Zionist and politician I may add!) to have extra bouncers on his show, which will also now be shown twice daily.

You may scoff, but this is what is being pushed on us dumb goyim cattle by our lords and masters as more Police State powers are passed, whilst marriage is constantly undermined and attacked.

So what, you may ask does all this have to do with "Might is Right" and the purveyors of this worldview?

Well, surely if might is indeed right, then we should roll over and die, for the State is all mighty and they are forcing through laws on societal and moral issues with their powers like never before.

Is homosexuality wrong? Our government forced through laws to "prove" the contrary against the views of the public.

Are needless Zionist wars wrong? Our government forced us into wars to benefit Israel and the Neo Cons against the views of the public.

Is mass immigration wrong? Our government forced it upon us against the views of the public.

If "might is right" then our government, America, Israel, the Neo Cons and more are the ultimate 'right' in this world surely?

If "might is right" then the Soviets with their Kosher Commissars and the Americans with their bankster-backers were ultimately proved right in the ashes of 1945 (Dresden proving their ultimate right to rule us).

If "might is right" then the abortionist with his poisons, knives and suction machines is right and the little innocent in her mother's womb is wrong.

Might is right is a self-evident nonsensical position. Might is most often used by those in the wrong to justify their position and to silence those voices who prove them wrong.

Money is the root of all evil. That essential truth may be close to 2000 years old, but it remains no less true today.

The son who puts his mother in a nursing home to sell her property and pocket the proceeds is no less evil than a politician who sells out his country on immigration, abortion, foreign wars etc. then gets a cosy sinecure from a bank or multinational when he retires.

Yet according to the might is right creed, both are to be acclaimed because both use their power to push through their ends.

Money is the root of all evil, moreover those who will do and say anything to gain money have sold their souls to evil.

In this age the ultimate evil lies with the power of the banksters and the multinationals, for they on the one hand create money out of thin air as a debt to strangle nations, communities and families, and on the other hand they create huge monopolies and a homogeneous mass of people across the globe.

Right: Think of the many people who work all hours, limit the number or even go without children so they can pay the mortgage (to a bank), pay the fuel bills (to a multinational) and buy food (from a multinational). Are we really any different from the proles who were worked to death, forced to rent homes from the factory-owners and forced to buy shoddy food from the factory-owners?

That is why we have politicians that attack the family via divorce, abortion and homosexuality, that undermine our communities via mass immigration, that rip apart communities and families through drug abuse, that destroy other nations through illegal Zionist wars.

Why? Because virtually every politician that matters is already bought and sold by the super-powerful banksters and the multinationals (inc the media barons).

Tony Blair is only the latest in a (very!) long line of traitor politicians who has left office to get well-paid sinecures and political baubles from a Masonic system that rewards its own, that rewards treachery and moral cowardice, that uses the vast power, vast wealth and total control of its assets to keep a morally vacuous system trundling along.

Even in office so many of the political class (in and out of power, establishment and anti-establishment) are selling-out whilst on the take and/or fiddling their expenses, cowardice makes sure they toe certain lines for fear of losing lucrative incomes whilst greed sees them pocketing funds.

More often than not those out of office, especially if they want to gain office, do exactly the same and mirror the actions and the attitudes of those in office - thus the blind believers in democracy are robbed of their false hopes before they are presented with them.

So, to summarise, if you believe that 'Might is Right' you must be an ardent follower of Stalin, Tony Blair and the Zionist Neo Cons, you must admire the son who profits from his mothers institutionalisation, you must admire the mass-murdering rich abortionist, you must admire the drugs gangs that rule parts of our cities, and you must admire those who try to turn this country into a controlled, watched, suppressed molten mass of TV-watching, Sun-reading automatons.

If you believe that 'Might is Right' then you have to worship the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterals, the Freemasons, Illuminati etc. because these people have had more belief in their ideals than we have - they have managed to flip society on its head and get all the rotten ideals that we should hate accepted by the mass of people, even if only for the sake of a quiet life.

Even more than that you must be a huge fan of the international financiers and banksters - for theirs is the mightiest and most powerful position in the world. They can buy whatever influence, whatever group, whatever political system they need to.

The banksters really are the lords of the earth.

I have always believed that right is right and that wrong is wrong. No amount of pounds, dollars or shekels can convince me that abortion, immigration, homosexuality, drug abuse etc. are right nor that those powerful enough to push these cancers on a long-suffering nation are anything but criminals dressed up in gilt-edged finery given false praise by a media owned by Masonic press barons.

In this world where might is already "right" (i.e. perceived to be right, for they buy their influence) and the duplicitous bribed by baubles politicians and editors would do well to remember the 2000 year-old words of Jesus Christ, whom so many of them pay meaningless lip service to:

"But let your statement be, 'Yes, yes ' or 'No, no'; anything beyond these is of evil."

In other words, when you say yes - mean it! When you say no - mean it! Be loyal to the truth and put away the lies.

What a revolutionary principle!

Perhaps if people thought that the Truth is Right rather than Might is Right we might do away with the rich liars, Masonic manipulators and their paid hirelings which keep us fed on lies and subdued.

Tell the dad denied access to his children; tell the family whose home is repossessed by the bank; tell the Palestinian whose family has just been killed by the Israelis; tell the American people who are going to have another servant of the banks and Israel thrust upon them that "Might is Right" and they may well laugh at you.

I certainly will.

Yes yes, no no
Wikipedia on Might is Right and the Satanist link

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

Or a very Happy St David's Day - to all our readers in Wales and those of Welsh descent around the world, aka the diaspora of the Cymry.

As the peoples of these isles look to their own traditions and histories, as they seek to secure their own identities in an ever-changing world, it is so important that the folk histories of our peoples are celebrated and remembered: so that government bureaucrats, politically correct commissars, multinational corporations and the anti-racist, holocaust-day, faggots-rights quangos cannot subvert our traditions, customs and heroes for their own anti-civilised, anti-Christian and anti-White agenda.

So have a great Saint David's Day perhaps with a Brains Beer, a Clarks Pie, some Lava Bread, a few Penclawdd Cockles, perhaps some Welsh Lamb (steady!) and a slice of Welsh Rarebit.

Wikipedia on St David's Day

St David in history and today

St David - history, celebrations, teachings

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