Monday, 24 November 2008

911, Iceland, Spooks and New Laws: Freedom Suffers

Many people consider "9/11" and "7/7" false flag ops, engendered by our own or (allegedly "allied") secret services for geopolitical ends, especially viz Zionist wars, support for Israel etc.

Of course all this is anathema to Neo Cons and their 'useful idiots' for whom support for Israel is sacrosanct and all problems, violence and "anti-democratic" issues stem from Islam.

But there is more, so much more, that points to these kinds of atrocities (for that is what they were and are - innocents die and suffer) being carried out for reasons a lot closer to home.

When the credit crunch truly bit (a crisis with its roots in the naked profiteering of Ron Sandler, an American Jewish financier and conman) no country found itself up a certain creek without a paddle more than Iceland and its banking system, in terms of the amounts it lost compared to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

With Iceland's banks having money, securities etc. worth billions in the UK, what was the response of the UK government to this problem facing a friendly country?

The UK government used "anti-terror" legislation to freeze the assets of the Icelanders; an action which caused revulsion in Iceland and had famous Icelanders and their friends (eg the Scottish TV presenter Sally Magnusson, daughter of the famous Icelander and 'Mastermind' presenter Magnus Magnusson) protesting at this injustice and outright slur.

In comparison to the Iceland billions, any alleged "terrorist funds" frozen in the UK were a drop in the ocean.

This shows, yet again, that our traitor politicians use the false flag ops to pass laws to "fight terrorism" that are then actually used for big business interests, for government interests, and to further any objective of our own brand of oligarchs.

if nothing else, the freezing of the assets of Icelandic banks in the UK under "anti-terror" laws has shown us that the government can never be trusted and that when such laws are passed and assurances given ("strict controls" yadda yadda) the assurances aren't worth the Hansard paper they are written on.

So every time a false flag operation happens, when the Neo Cons and the bought n sold tell you to spit venom, remember that their knee-jerk laws (eg. the ID cards they are waiting to bring in) will be used against anyone but "terrorists" - actual, Islamic, Jewish, CIA or otherwise.

With rumours that MI5 operatives within the BNP and the "anti-fascist"movement liaised in releasing the BNP member's details, Nationalists should be more than wary of playing into the hands of those who are totally opposed to nationalism and all it stands for.


Anonymous said...

One always imagines the Icelanders and Northern European people's as like Star Trek's Mr Spock in their reluctance to engage in hot blooded political demonstrations.

(Indeed it has been said of the Englishman that if you hit him once he will ignore you, if you hit him twice he will laugh at you and if you hit him again he will kill you ! :-) An Irish fella I bump into occasionally is want to say: "Never under estimate the Englishman" [I think he say this in regard to fisticuffs] His other "saying" is "when you go outside (of the pub - in the cold), you're on your own" - which is nothing to with the subject in hand but is worth quoting sometime/somewhere :- ) :-) )

WITH REGARD TO ICELAND. How are the non European populations (Eg London) going to respond to a similiar financial crisis ?

League of Welsh said...

Who is in the vanguard of those seeking to aquire at fire-sale prices the assets now available in Iceland? only a certain Mr. Green of M&S reknown.

Don't tell me that this so-called 'credit crunch' wasn't orchestrated by the crooked nosed! via their leftie/Commie friends bleating about equal rights they managed to lend money with the appearance of being altruistic to the so-called sub-prime market, these sub-primers had a negligable amount of White trailer park types (just enough to dilute the colour scheme somewhat) but the majority were the lazy welfare/handout niggers with no way in the world of being able (even if they wanted to) of paying back a cent of what they received. Pure unadulterated greed, but with the long-term aim of using the recession to aquire assets at a knockdown price.

behind blue eyes said...

Welcome to the world of Zionist banking, you bankrupt one you get one free.

Not only has this proud country been bankrupted by these vile pernicious parasites they are now being blackmailed by the IMF and EU. You can a have a financial bailout if you agree to join the EU.

Here is some interesting information regarding Iceland's First Lady taken from Wikipedia -

'Dorrit Moussaieff is the Israeli-born British-Icelandic First Lady of Iceland. Moussaieff was born in Jerusalem, Israel, to a wealthy devout Sephardic-observant Bukharian Jewish family from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, part of the Emirate of Bukhara. The Moussaieff family is part of a long dynasty of jewelers. She is the great granddaughter of Shlomo Moussaieff and her cousins are pianist James Raphael and author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. It is said that Dorrit's family, the Moussaieffs, wove the robe of Genghis Khan. Her great grandmother, Esther Gaonoff, was from Bukhara but had some Moroccan Jewish ancestry and was the descendant of Yosef Maimon. Her father, Shlomo Moussaieff, is a Bukharian Jew but her mother, Aliza, is an Austrian Jew of Ashkenazi heritage. Moussaieff was born and raised in the Bukharian Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem but when she was thirteen, she and her family moved to London.

Moussaieff married Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, president of Iceland, in 2003 on his 60th birthday. She is the current First Lady of Iceland and has likely become the most significant Jew in Icelandic history. Shlomo Moussaieff is an Israeli millionaire of Bukharian Jewish descent who has lived in London since the early 1960s. He is the son of Rehavia Moussaieff, and grandson of Shlomo Moussaieff of Bukhara. He made most of his fortune by selling precious jewelry to international royalty and high society, especially Saudis and Gulf Arabs. He speaks Arabic fluently. The average price of a necklace in his store, located in the Hilton hotel in London's Mayfair district, is over a million dollars'.

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