Tuesday, 4 November 2008

BNP/UKIP Agreement Scuppered...

...if it was ever meant to be serious?

Apparently BBC News 24 interrupted its broadcast to "newsflash" that UKIP had denied the BNP an electoral pact for the Euro Elections!

Right: Nigel Farage MEP, the leader of UKIP, beloved of the media. Many allege the well-paid MEP is a state-operative. Meanwhile Nick Griffin the BNP leader is different because... he's not on the EU gravy train.
Could his desire for a shoe-in be behind the failed approach to the group the BNP labeled UKRAP?

Am I the only one to find it highly amusing that the BNP approached UKIP? They have long wailed that UKIP are a "state pressure valve" (pot? kettle?) yet they go running to UKIP like this?

Is the truth that UKIP always out-vote the BNP in the Euro Elections (after all, it's UKIP's natural hunting ground) just as the BNP always out-votes UKIP on a local election level. It's horses for courses.

Of course, the difference is that MEPs get huge wonga whereas councilors get a relative pittance (that is highly comparative for any bank pen-pusher about to become dole-ite looking in!) - and that MEPs get a golden handshake 'pension for life.'

No! It couldn't be?

Are you thinking that the BNP's No. 1 agenda is the acquisition of wonga for the top listed person in their prefered Euro-region? How cynical!

As ex-BNP Councilor Simon Smith states on his brilliant Nationalist Truth Blog:

The BNP/UKIP pact - Big deal. Why haven't the BBC and the rest covered the BNP's internal elections or the "December Rebels ?" What is the agenda ? Perhaps the Establishment would like to engineer a UKIP/BNP type merger ? Just speculating. Ex UKIP Cllr Chris Cooke who has commented on UKIP has said that a couple of government operatives were discovered as such by a privately hired detective and yet still continued to work in UKIP's administration department ! Perhaps a merger would cut down the number of MI5 types necessary and lead to cost cutting that would lesson the requirement for 5IMon Darby types !? :-) Truth is , I don't know why the BNP/UKIP was mentioned - but there is a "News" management agenda here.

With 5IMon Darby having come from the state-infested National Democrats and the Eurosceptic groups run-through with spooks and their operatives we have to look askew at the current lot of "right wing" parties (because they are right wing - not nationalist) as a rum bunch shot through with state policies and state operatives.

Nationalist Truth on news management


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