Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Zionists Control Britain

The BNP leaders, activists and members need to read this!

Where does the threat come from?

Right: Who runs our government, who runs the big businesses, who runs the banking system, who runs the media? Here the permatanned ex-petty terrorist Peter Hain prostrates himself as he celebrates Cohens (sorry.... Tescos) create more shelf-stacking jobs: jobs he would never contemplate doing.

Who controls the State that enacts so many anti-national, anti-freedom and anti-Christian laws emanate from?

Who puts its emissaries in political parties - including NATIONALIST ones - thus reducing democracy to Tweedledum and tweedledummer politics?

Hint: it ain't "the muzzies."

Now wake up and smell the coffee before you too stoop to kiss the bloody boots of a murderous and treacherous system.

The Zionists Control Britain


behind blue eyes said...

'Selling England By The Pound.'

All misguided/uneducated people who believe Israel is our friend and the Zionists don't control Britain need to read that excellent Bollyn article as well as the ones below.

Our great unelected Prime Minister is a Zionist poodle. In a speech to the Labour Friends of Israel annual fundraising dinner in April 2007, quoted by the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, Brown described how his father, a Presbyterian preacher, had been a passionate supporter of Israel who had taken him to the racist Jews-only state at least twice a year for most of his adult life to show solidarity with the usurpers of Palestinian land.

He said:-
'Many of you know my interest in Israel and in the Jewish community has been long-standing... My father was the chairman of the Church of Scotland's Israel Committee. Not only as I've described to some of you before did he make visits on almost two occasions a year for 20 years to Israel – but because of that, although Fife [Scotland], where I grew up, was a long way from Israel with no TV pictures to link us together – I had a very clear view from household slides and projectors about the history of Israel, about the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people, about the enormous suffering and loss during the Holocaust, as well as the extraordinary struggle that he described to me of people to create this magnificent homeland'.

Jane Kennedy, chairwoman of Labour Friends of Israel, said -
'I have always felt that Gordon Brown is instinctively a good friend of Israel and I look forward to working with him. The combination of Gordon as prime minister and Tony Blair as Quartet Middle East envoy is a really exciting prospect and gives real hope for progress in the Middle East peace process.'

If you think the Tories are any better think again. These quotes are from The Conservative Friends of Israel website -
“The Conservative Party is a true friend of Israel because we look at Israel and we see a democracy, we see a democracy that has a right to exist and a right to defend itself and that is a force for good in the world, and I want to say that as clearly as I possibly can.”
Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006

“All I would say is even in dealing with Israel we must remember that in the battle for the values that we stand for, for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression - Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided.”
Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Defence Secretary, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006

“Israel shares with Britain and the Conservative Party the values of independence, hard work, self reliance and a defence of citizens. Yet it is unfortunate or perhaps inevitable that with so many media and news stories, all we hear about is the negative. Israel has a lot to be proud of, despite these troubled times, despite the conflict with Hizbullah, Israel’s economy has shown an amazing amount of resilience and growth.”
Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Chief Whip, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006

These quotes make me want to be violently sick!!!

Even the Liberal Democrats have a Friends of Israel group!

Don't the BNP realise it's been The Jewish Board of Deputies that have tried on numerous occassions to get meetings banned and venues cancelled through financial intimadation and violent rhetoric. Of course we have to move with the times and forget the Zionist crimes. Yeah right.

Open the World Revolutionary Movement's cupboard door and you'll find a Zionist Talmudic face staring right back at you.

How The Jews Took Great Britain -


England’s Jews Control Europe! -

Israel now calling the shots on UK security? -

Britain’s Gordon Brown becomes patron of Zionist agency -

Every school to get Holocaust specialist under anti-racism initiative -

Anonymous said...

The zionist take over will be complete when milliband takes control... which he will!

League of Welsh said...

The 'Milliband is running for leadership' farce was just that, it was a sop to the gullible public to somehow make them think that some within Labour are concerned with that cretin Brown's Prime Ministeriaship, the jew NEVER (Disraeli was an exception!), they are the puppet-masters, and the backers of EVERY horse in the race!

Anonymous said...

I`m pretty sure millipaed will become labour leader at some point, and no doubt that will entail a spell at No. 10.

Labour will be kicked out at the next election, Brown will be kicked out as leader, millipaede will be appointed, next election he`ll be elected, and so the whole sorry tale carries on...

Round and round in circles...

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