Saturday, 22 November 2008

Last Week's Quote: E Michael Jones on 'Islamofascism'

"When I hear an American talk about the dangers of "Islamofascism," I think it's an infallible sign that I am in the presence of either a propagandist, an intellectual coward or a useful idiot."

E. Michael Jones,
intervewed by Martin Vianney,
September 2008.


behind blue eyes said...

'Don't believe the hype'.

Unfortunately, Mr Jones is spot on with his assertion of the current state of play.

The Internet is awash with Zionist gatekeepers, disinformation agents and truth wreckers. Many of these sites and people tell downright lies, distort the truth and mix fact with fiction to baffle and confuse the people visiting them.

The darling of the 'intellectual' left Noam 'Zionist' Chomsky is a classic example of this phenomenon.

Noam Chomsky - Controlled Asset Of The New World Order -
(This is a must read!!!)

Media Whore Noam Chomsky Lies about 9-11 Again.This Media Whore Just Won't Shut Up -

Another is Alex Jones, who incidentally is married to a Jew. He never mentions Israel, Zionism and/or The Kosher Nostra international criminal network. He's always babbling on about 'Globalists', the 'New World Order' and other loose terms.

FC , have you seen the video where the guy from ProThink calls up his show and mentions Benjamin Freedman. Just listen to the Zionist stooge Jones go completely mental when he hears this name mentioned -

Alex Jones vs ProThink :-

Alex Jones like to spread false rumours none proven true -

Alex Jones is a liar -

Another disinformation agent is Greg Szymanski. He spouts drivel about how The Vatican and The Jesuits control the world!!!

Catholic Church does not control the world -

The Isareli apologist film Loose Change gets a lot of publicity as do all the other books, film and documentaries etc. that promote the same disinformation about who was responsible for 9/11 and other atrocities!

The Jewish propaganda machine at Talmudwood has been conditioning and manipulating the American people for years using a concept called 'predictive programming'. Predictive programming works by means of the propagation of the illusion of an infallibly accurate vision of how the world is going to look in the future. They have made numerous films prior to 9/11 that portrayed Moslems as terrorists and crazed religious fundamentalists etc. so that they would be easily blamed and demonised by the American public when the Zionist false-flags took place and the subsequent Jewish gargantuan mass media machine went into overdrive to fan the flames.

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