Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kim Il Sung becomes Zionist of the Valleys and Spookmeister

Under the heading "Red Kim Repents" the BBC's Westminster Diary reports that Kim Howells MP (ex-CPGB member known as Kim Il Sung) is now in charge of watching the spooks, via being the chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

Right: Comrade Kim dreams of what might have been as he's surrounded by South American troops.

Would an ex-Mosleyite or National Front member be allowed within a mile of such a job, let alone a government ministerial post?

Yet those who supported Communism, Stalinism, Trotskyism and more are allowed in government (one thinks of Mandelson and Reid who held the reins of power under Blair - of course "Mandy" is now back and embroiled with Jewish financiers...)

Circa 1990 the TP group the Welsh Distributist Movement put out a leaflet condemning Howells under the title "Zionist of the Valleys" after the MP used a Welsh newspaper column to defend Israel's terrorist activities.

It seems that by then he was seeing where the shekels lay.

Isn't it stomach-churning when you witness someone who cut their teeth in a group opposed to Zionism then jump ship for position, power, prestige and the filthy lucre?

Kim Howells should be strung up from a lamppost. Not for being a Communist, because you can't condemn people for being stupid or gullible. Nor for changing, because some people do see the light and change their ways (e.g. ex-Communists Douglas Hyde or Hamish Fraser) but for being a turncoat, for being an opportunist, for selling out his beliefs and for trying to make money and gain position out of supporting everything he once said he loathed (the banking system, a pro-Zionist government, the spooks etc.).

Thank goodness there's been no-one like that from the nationalist side... erm... er... ;-)

Beeb's Westminster Diary


League of Welsh said...

Aaaah, Kim Howells, the British version of Peter Hain

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