Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cultural Gems Can be Found

Using BBC i-player anyone in the UK (I think it's limited to UK-usage... "licence-payer" issues etc.) can access some of the "minority" programmes made by the BBC that highlight the history and heritage of these isles.

Two such programmes are Scotland's Clans and Hidden History - broadcast on BBC2 Scotland and BBC2 Wales respectively.

If you co to the BBC Home Page and click on the i-player link, then click on categories, and then on the factual section, you will find these programmes (amidst others listed alphabetically).

Look out especially for Hidden History's programme on the 9th Century ruler of Powys (of Roman descent) who expelled the Saxons and an Iron Age hill fort near Welshpool, and for Scotland's Clans programme on the Stewarts (of Breton descent) - and the Wolf of Baddenoch and his burning down of a Scottish Cathedral.

There are gems out there... you just have search amidst the crud.


League of Welsh said...

while you're at it, have a look via BBC Wales for 'The Howard Winstone Story', aired on Thursday 27th Nov.

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