Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Duchesses, Asiatic Gypsies and Mass Murder

I've been watching the 'Tonight' special report on ITV featuring the Duchess of York and her daughters visiting orphanages in Turkey and Romania.

Right: It's horrible, it's barbaric, it's abusive, it's shocking, it's the ultimate rejection of the innocence of childhood and the blessing that is each new life. Yet there's no 'Shock and Awe' documentary exposing this abuse.

On the Turkish footage we are reminded that the country is all but Third World and its Asiatic moral codes don't deserve to be held up as 'European.'

On the Romanian footage - the orphanages were appalling, but it's the "gypsy village" I'd like to comment on. The outwardly poor looking gypsies were all well-fed and as two of the women spoke - one old one young - they could not hide they had a few gold teeth each.
Is that poverty? Gold teeth don't come cheap in a relatively poorer country with no NHS.

I felt like the Asiatic gypsies were involved in a con job -- i.e. "quick, here come the rich foreignors. Everyone say how poor we are and how we'll give up our children to the orphanages because we are so poor."

Hey presto the mega-rich Duchess said she'd give £200,000 to the village from her charity.

Whilst I do think it admirable for those blessed with position and wealth to help those unfortunate souls in the orphanages, the whole gypsy set-up just felt like a con from start to finish.

We all know how easy it is to con money out of the idle rich by tugging at their heart strings.

When I visited Romania some years ago I witnessed the Asiatic gypsies begging in the streets of the towns and cities, some of whom had had their legs broken by their own families and/or people just so they could garner more donations.

The Romanian nationalists I was staying with showed me the Asiatic Gypsy Mafia's Mercedes cars travelling around and explained how they would pick-up the beggars at the end of their day's work.

As a last thought as I considered the possible thousands of children suffering and neglected in Turkey and Romania (perhaps by families who couldn't cope, or didn't want the "hassle" or simply wanted to save money or keep their 'careers') I couldn't help but think what utter hypocrites we are.

Here in the UK we have murdered circa 6,000,000 babies since the Abortion Act was passed in 1967.

How many were killed via the excuses of "poverty" or "careers" etc. etc. Yet we live in better conditions than many of the families in Turkey or Romania that put their children in the orphanages.

How many in the Duchess of York's social circles have killed their little boys and little girls just so their career doesn't suffer a setback? Or so they can continue their two cars and two holidays a year lifestyle?

Christ famously said we should take the log from our own eye before seeing the splinter in others.

Somehow I can't help but think the Turks and Romanians could well be sitting in their homes discussing how an advanced, relatively rich and prosperous, and allegedly Christian state, such as the UK could kill 6 million of its own people in circa 40 years.

Perhaps the Duchess will make a film showing the mums being frogmarched into the abortuaries by their "partners" or parents; or the skiing holiday elite discussing the number of abortions they've had; or the businesswomen who've had abortions; or the poor who might otherwise be helped who've felt forced into carrying out abortions; or the "doctors" who have made huge fortunes by killing helpless babies; or the "charities" and pressure groups who promote abortion and also make huge amounts of cash through providing abortions!

But don't hold your breath dear reader.

It's OK to make films about "dusky" people who dump their children in orphanages by the dozens; but not to show us - the advanced, intelligent, Christian, Western, well-off consumers - churning our children into a bloody mess by the million!

The Turks and Asiatic Gypsies might well point the finger at us and say:



League of Welsh said...

Did anyone see the documentary on BBC (you may still be able to see it on the iPlayer) about the Romanian roma shithole which featured in the film 'Borat'?

The premise for the documentary was to follow the roma's claims for compensation for the mis-representation of the inhabitants, and who rode in to fight their case? a jew from Germany, anyway it showed how the jew just loves litigation and money and robbing people is their forte! the conclusion and closing credits were absolutely priceless!

Only mentioned this as you mentioned the gold teeth, these roma had a few but the 'mayor' of that shithole only had about 4 teeth in his head!

I bet this documentary is far funnier than the actual film.

Craig said...

It's OK to make films about "dusky" people who dump their children in orphanages by the dozens; but not to show us - the advanced, intelligent, Christian, Western, well-off consumers - churning our children into a bloody mess by the million!

Well said. The hypocrisy is galling. Espcially if we consider that abortion was banned in most European countries throughout the 19th century as they became more knowledgable and civilised, but this was reversed in the 1960s and we actually went back to pre-19th century "morality" by legalising abortion, which was widespread in olden times.

Ancient slave societies like Rome and Sparta considered infanticide perfectly acceptable if a child was not "suitable" or "convenient", are we "Christians" in Europe any different today?

Final Conflict said...

LoW: Language please!!! This blog is meant for all ages and even those of a sheltered and fragile disposition (like Ranting Ron).

Final Conflict said...

Craig: I tend to think of the Satanic "civilisations" of Central and Southern America before the Conquistadors - those who left babies broken bodies at the bottom of their edifices to the gods.

As our pagan gods are now Mammon, Cohens (Tescos) and 24hourshoppingmall, are we so different? With millions of babies murdered so we can continue our consumerist lifestyle.

Those babies going into the incinerators (or black bags!) at abortuaries and even at NHS hospitals (where they save lives at one end of the hospital and kill the innocent at the other end) are no different from the babies thrown into Moloch's ovens all those centuries ago.

Endemic drugs, crime and infanticide...

My! How "civilised" we are!

League of Welsh said...

OOoops, done it again with my potty fingers, but to be fair the roma were living in a village called shit-hole, oh no, it was called MUD!! seriously it was....

behind blue eyes said...

Yes, I was appalled at that programme. What human being with feelings, emotions and compassion wouldn't be.

Was it just me or did anyone else out there who saw it spot that the two kids the 'poor' gypsy was on about putting in a home had white skin, blonde hair and bright blue eyes! Or had I eaten the wrong mushrooms at teatime?

However, I'm a great believer in the old adage 'Charity begins at home'. It's up to the Romanian and Turkish governments' to get their own house in order. How we in this country have got the nerve to criticise other countries when we are more concerned for the welfare of animals than the most vulnerable in society viz a viz children and pensioners! We always have been an animal centric rather than a people centric nation.

The number of baby murders since 1967 is a sickening statistic and is a sad reflection of the ever increasing Godless selfish materialistic soulless nation we have turned into. Not only is it a Holocaust of gargantuan proportions but is also more importantly a self-inflicted genocide.

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