Friday, 28 November 2008

Political (Terror) Police Swoop on Damian Green MP

The more aware of you will recall my recent post pouring scorn on our beloved government's usage of "anti-terror" laws to freeze Icelandic banking assets in the UK.

Right: Damian Green MP. "Really Archbishop? You say it's all in The Protocols? Gosh. I think I'll have another custard cream!"

This, I eschewed from my lofty seat, was evidence enough that the kind of knee-jerk legislation passed in the shadow of false flag ops like "911" in the USA or "7/7" here in the UK are detrimental.

Little did I know as my lackeys tapped out my missive on the jewel-encrusted keyboard used for posting messages herein, as I reclined cogitatively (!) on my chez lounge in my Croatian dacha-style idyll, that the proverbial was about to hit the fan.

Yesterday the Tory shadow-spokesman on immigration, Damian Green MP, had his home(s?) and Westminster office raided by anti-terror police!

Apparently some civil servant had passed on info to him viz the number of illegal immigrants employed in the 'security industry' and the fact that an illegal immigrant was even employed in Westminster.

This further underlines the danger of giving the police "anti-terror" powers, and further underlines the reasons why spooks carry out false flag ops.

If you were a spook boss and you could get the war you want, the funding you "need" and the powers you desire via a few outrages, and if you were corrupt and a bit of a megalomaniac - you might consider it a no-brainer.

Yet again this shames all the politicians - Tories and other Kosher-Cons included - who support the so-called "War on Terror."

In this respect the Tories have no-one to blame but themselves.

And it's time that nationalists woke up to the fact that the real threat comes from the Masonic elite that rules us via big business, parliament, the security services, the banks and the media.

Their bogeymen smokescreen is put up to cover their grasping more powers, and shame on those who play up the scare stories and fake-bogeymen.

They are doing no more than corralling the scared little sheeple into the pens created by the New World Order for our "protection" wherein we will be under their total control.

And those who speak out can expect to be lifted off the streets (like the BNP activists in Liverpool) or have their doors knocked by the goys in blue (like to Tory immigration spokesman).

We are moving towards a police state where we are all kept on files, with our DNA swabbed, ID cards etc. and all some can do is wail on about the CIA-created "Al Qaeda" ghost.

Right. That's me finished. Rant over.

I'm off to read the Protocols again before they are all rounded up (a la Fahrenheit 451) for being anti-Semitic, against "inclusivity" and democracy!

Tory MP Raided - and Cameron's video comment


Anonymous said...

A humorous take on a very serious subject.
Keep up the good work.

Chris Close said...

Silencing opposition - the "politics" or fascism of New Labour?

Updated my blog.

This is obviously the Policing we can now expect - the sort that does what the Government tells it.

So expect that knock on your door if you dare oppose these pseudo nazis backed up by their own Stasi.
Chris Close

behind blue eyes said...

As we all know the 'War On Terror' is Orwellian double-speak for 'War on Freedom.'

Unfortunately, the zombified couch potato multitudes that make up the vast majority of the country's population lap up the inane dross that spews out from the Zionist mass entrertainment machine on a daily basis and are led away like sheep from the issues that matter to themselves, their families, friends and their fellow countryman.

The Zionist Talmudic sociopathic elite are using an Hegelian dialetic pincer movement on the British people. On the one side we are being hammered by the totalitarian/police state aspect of Orwell's 1984 and the other side we are being hammered by the mind manipluation/brainwashing/scientific technocracy of Huxley's Brave New World.

Where are our modern day Beowolf's ready to and willing to slay the Zionist Grendel that is rapidly eneveloping Britain?

Once again the Goyim sheeple have been taken in by a Israeli(MOSSAD) sponsored false-flag.

Mossad tied into Mumbai India slaughter -

Who Benefits From India's Attacks? The real goal here is to turn India's Hindus against Muslims and Pakistan -

Israel's new straegic partnership -

The International Backers of the Mumbai Attacks -

This following article was written three weeks ago! -
India is now totally a zio-US stooge - has got some interesting articles on all this.

The modus operani of these Zionist genocidal maniacs has always been divide and conquer. They are the world's experts at false-flag terrorism.

The writing at the top of the MOSSAD logo states -
'With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war.'

Remember the words of Theodore Herzl from 1897 -
'The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.'

Hakenkraze said...

They play their part in the Judeo-masonic conspiracy,and then they`re treated the same as the cattle they`ve helped enslave.
Very ironic.

Anonymous said...

roll on the Civil (Racial) War!

Anonymous said...

Why was labour home office staff passing on sensitive info to their main rivals?

I think they were a pair of queers!

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