Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Government Plots to Put 20,000 on Dole

Well done to H.M. Government!

In protecting their chums at the top of the banking industry they are - by pushing through the merger of Lloyds-TSB and Halifax-Bank of Scotland (in essence turning what used to be four banks into one!) - ensuring that circa 20,000 people get thrown on the dole.

Right: How can a system exist wherein young able men are paid not to work? We should be fighting to bring about a worldview wherein work is a vocation, either in guild-organised trades or via family farms and small co-operative businesses. The wiping out of usury will also end the "boom and bust" of Capitalism and return us to just wages and fair prices.

If they were all hedge fund managers, top brass, investment bankers etc. etc. no-one would shed a tear.

But in a deal drawn up by the government and the banks you and I know that it's the pen-pushers and gofers that will face the chop.

Aren't the 20,000 lucky that the government cares enough to ensure that the greedy incompetents at the top of the banks - who helped make the recession even worse - keep their posts?

In any other industry you'd like to think (perhaps naively) that running up billions in debts or forcing your firm to merge with a competitor through incompetence would mean the end of the road for the bosses!

Not so for the bankers!

They get money (that the government borrowed from... er... a bank!!!!!) poured into them to prop them up.

Tsk tsk.

Would the government do that with British Rail to ensure the country's infrastructure remains up-to-date and free of profiteers? Er... no.

Would the government do that with British Coal to keep hundreds of thousands of workingmen employed? Or whole communities running properly? Or our fuel supply secure? Er... no.

But what of the ship building industry in Glasgow, Belfast, the North East etc.? Er... no.

Yet they suddenly find they can borrow what will amount to hundreds of billions to bale out a system that bleeds us all dry for the profit of a handful of mega-rich leeches, many of whom have no loyalty to this country (and all of whom employ tax-dodging scams to pay as little tax as possible such is their gratitude!).

Left: The "cattle" queue for free hand outs in the era of the Empire State Building! Capitalism has always been and will always be a scandal: and an organised scandal for the gross enrichment of a handful of mega rich Freemasons.

No, dear reader, when it comes to the bankster elite, when it comes to the international financiers, when it comes to the freemasons... er, I mean the bank bosses (as Saunders Lewis wrote, with their "Hebrew Snouts" in ledgers) the government will think nothing of letting 20,000 people face the dole (just before Christmas! Ho ho ho!) at a time when jobs are drying up and when mortgages are getting more expensive (as banks try to claw back profits).

So let me get this straight:

The banks get a bail-out and merge: the government pays.
A pen-pusher (x 20,000!) gets the sack: the banks profit.
A pen-pusher gets put on the dole: the government pays his dole.
A pen-pusher can't afford his mortgage: the bank repossess to get money.
A pen-pusher gets 'social housing': the government pays for his housing benefit.
When the government runs low of funds it raises taxes and borrows more... from the banks!

Anyone spot the pattern?

The banks profit.

The tax-payer pays.

How cosy and intimate those meetings of the top honchos must be in the Masonic lodges!

The Talmud is right in that regard. They are right to treat us as cattle! Because that is what we are, that is how we behave - and they "milk" us of taxes on a regular basis! Not to mention those who get sent to slaughter (in abortuaries... in Afghanistan... etc.) and even then they profit. Abortion is a big business and their wars benefit Israel!

I wrote some time back about housing conditions in Manchester and other English cities in the 19th Century.

Our people back then lived as slaves (yes: they were White and they were slaves, to borrow from Michael Hoffman). Housing conditions were awful, with whole families living in squalid, damp basements with no natural light.

Some worked in factories for a meagre wage, in appalling conditions, forced to buy from the 'factory shop' where, for example, bread was cheapened with wood shavings and was expensive to buy.

Others were forced into workhouses. Some children were forced to work for (appalling!) bed and lodge from the earliest age for 12 plus hours a day.

This is what happens when you de-Christianise a nation. This is what happens when the Masonic elite run things for their profit and fail to see that we are all made in the image of God. They view us as cattle, to be thrown out when we go lame. We are just cogs in their money-making machinery.

That is what the British Empire was built on! The suffering of our own people. We were slaves. They made gargantuan profits. They even ran huge drug pushing operations. All the pomp and glory was a backdrop to the worst housing and work conditions imaginable.

No wonder British workers (in the depression hit 1930s: Jarrow March etc.) looked to Fascist Italy with wonder when they realised that workers - the people - were treated as human beings. And this, unlike the Communist East was a land with no mass murder, collectivisation or gulags. But I digress...

From the land-grab of the Reformation, to the enclosure of the fields, to the industrial revolution with the creation of city slums... the Masonic elite has viewed us all as mere cattle to fill their factories and earn them mega-bucks ("the root of all evil").

How much has changed?

the cattle have better conditions to stop them from charging the fences, but we are still taxed, mortgaged and sent to work for the Masonic bosses who sit on their yachts (off Corfu, for example) swigging champers and plotting to make more money (by, for example, buying up Montenegro's aluminium industry for peanuts by liaising with the mafia that run that "government" allegedly with the help of an EU commissar).

Do you think the workers in the Montenegran aluminium plants enjoy good working conditions? Yet they work to enrich a millionaire with Rothschilds connections.

How many of the factory owners, or the owners of the "dark Satanic mills" of England had Rothschild connections?

How many of the EU commissars who are planning our enslavement to a Europe-wide Socialist regime have Rothschild connections?

How many of the banksters growing rich today as they take the world to the brink of meltdown through their greed and corruption have Rothschild connections?

The scenery changes - but the story remains the same.


Post Script:

This morning a journal plopped (yes, plopped!) through my letterbox and in it I found an interesting letter from a priest. Rather than worry about the stocks and shares that some prelates think it is their "duty" to invest in, there were a few juicy bits, so let me quote from the end of his letter after he sets the scene of the global economic crash:

"For years we have been told that each family's "wealth" was its home, but no one seems to have stopped to consider the fact that that same belongs to only very few families -- the rest are firmly in the hands of bankers for 20 or 30 years. "If you are good and pay for your house three times over, you can keep it at the end of that time." The injustice in the system (among others) is that one who is usually a wage slave may pay on his home for twenty years. The wealth is fictitious, or for the future at best. However, we spend it all now...

"We live in an economy of unrestrained greed and consumption and it would seem that this logic will soon boomerang back on us... it is immoral to live beyond ones means. It is a question of justice, commutative justice... Those who live continually above their means (by credit card juggling) live in a permanent state of sin. Little do we ever think of this. The opportunistic mortgage companies and banks have only greedily profited from the consumerist lives of many.

"Only when we see clearly the decadence of a system inspired by profit and greed will we ever be able to begin to change our community's organisation: this is the sense of "economy" -- the organisation of our "house". Oikos in Greek.

"May your lives be holy, noble, simple, and infused with peace,

"In Christo,

Fr Doran."

Now there's a man who would happily turn over the tables of the moneylenders in the temple!


Anonymous said...

Interesting poit about the bank mergers - Lloyds, TSB, BoS, and Halifax - pouf !! - one bank!

Thatcher stole the TSB; it was not the governments to sell and she merely nationalised it. It had a huge pile of working class savings, took no risks, and was democratically run through district/ regional committee (better than Barclays anyhow). Very sad.

behind blue eyes said...

Taliking of Thatcher, she also stole my school milk, decimated the working class industrial heartlands of this country and sold off all the nation's assets. The last two at the behest of her masters, the Rothschilds.

People need to wake up and think outside the false left/right paradigm of British politics. There is no left and right, only good and bad, right and wrong. Both the left and the right kiss the bankers butt cheeks at every opportunity. The Socialist left and the Tory right have completely destroyed this great country of ours. Whoever is in power the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor and its us poor white working class sods in the middle who get shafted from both sides of the political spectrum year in year out!

Oswald Mosley had the answers to the ecomomic quagmire of the 1930s but the Labour party didn't want to know. Look what arch pinko trampmeister Michael Foot had to say about him:-
"No rising star in the political firmament ever shone more brightly than Sir Oswald Mosley. Since by general assent he could have become the leader of either the Labour or the Conservative Party. What Mosley so valiantly stood for could have saved this country from the Hungry Thirties and the Second World War."

This country seems to be in a perpetual state of Malthusianism meets Taldmudism. You are so right FC, we are nothing but useless eaters to be culled at will to these genocial pyschotic Mammon worshipping fiends. From birth the average working class person is manipulated, brainwashed and indoctrinated in their social engineering laboratories. We see it now in the schools with the proposal that 5 year olds are to be introduced to the 'delights' of gay sex and given anger management classes.

"The banker always wins", "money make the world go round" and "money is the root of all evil" all interlock here and as per usual the taxpayer picks up the tab. We can quite clearly see with regard to this diabolical situation that the bankers control both sides. They CAPITALISE the profits whilst SOCIALISING the losses. The Shyster Shylocks win hands down and are laughing all the way to the bagel shop!

Talking of Priests, check out Father Coughlin's memorial site -

League of Welsh said...

I joined the TSB (due to needing a bank for my wage to be paid in), precisely because it was a trustee savings 'bank', which meant it was not your conventional bank but a co-operative of sorts. Also, the fact that it hadn't signed up to the Economic League was another plus point. What with that cretin Brown in 10 Downing Street, people have forgotten what a cunt Thatcher was, it is her and Reagan who created the globalist/free-trade/greedy/capitalist nightmare that we have inherited.

We must teach our people that they will never learn the tricks of finance because it is not our way.

The sooner the counting houses fall, the better, and contrary to the myth perpetuated by those 'vested interests', NOTHING is going to happen, the sky will remain up there, the earth will not suddenly open into cavernous ravines. But we may see a less selfish and stressed society.

Final Conflict said...

No bad language please LoW. This is a family-friendly blog!

League of Welsh said...

Sorry everyone, most sincere apologies for the lewd language, but I'm sure that you realise that when one mentions Thatcher she does tend to touch a nerve...

I did send the comment after the watershed!

Final Conflict said...

After the watershed... and several Tequila slammers eh hombre? ;-)

League of Welsh said...

Don't require alcoholic refreshment to swear, I am able to make use of such colourful vocabulary 'au natrel!'

Davey said...

"How can a system exist wherein young able men are paid not to work?"

The problem is greedy employers will not pay a decent wage! Who in their right mind would work 39 hours a week for £1.53 an hour?

Immigrants perhaps?

Most people i know are unemployed, you lose your benefit after so many months, then you are put on a `new deal` placement, in other words you must work for your dole!

I found myself in the same situation and told them where to go, so in effect i had no income whatsoever. I now pay no tax or NI because i work `off the books` and to be honest thats the way i`ll continue to work!

Another own goal by this government!

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