Friday, 16 July 2010

The 51st State & Afghanistan

The more I have heard the Tories talk about Afghanistan and the recent murder of men of the Gurkha regiment by an Afghan soldier, the more they sound like NuLab II.

They reel out the old clich├ęs about winning the war, about national security, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

We shouldn't even be in this pointless American adventure. Never mind accepting the simple fact that to withdraw we will have to negotiate with the Taliban.

Dr .Liam Fox on the Radio 4 Today programme this week sounded as monotonous as a Orwellesque government spokesman.

Yes, the war against Eurasia is going well!

Outside of multi-culturalism, the Balkanisation of our cities and the fact that 'White Britons' will, this century, we will be a minority in the UK - the biggest threat to our future comes from being the poodle of America.

Time to end the multi-culti nightmare and regain our independence (to be celebrated on July 5th!), whatever "homegrown terror" plots Mossad and/or the CIA plan as reprisals.


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