Saturday, 10 July 2010

Was Cilla Black an Anti-Semite? Are Drug Dealers Rats?

There I was this morning settling down to enjoy my Marmite on toast with a patriotic British cuppa.

Right: How hatred begins. Look at the idealistic Aryan faces. The traditional clothing. Where are the coloureds? Why no trousers sinking down to reveal boxer shorts? This picture of an Aryan Liverpool is surely how the long trail of hate began, culminating in talk of dirty "dustbun lids."

Imagine my shock and horror when after a brief introduction, a Cilla Black song (Liverpool Lullaby) came on the radio with the words:

Oh you are a mucky kid
Dirty as a dustbin lid
When he hears the things that you did
You'll get a belt from yer dad

Now I don't know about Jewish involvement in the belt industry -- but they were allegedly known for being furriers (I had an historic anti-furrier poster in the 80s, I think produced by the BUAV though someone will confirm/deny I hope, with a very hook nosed evil furrier holding a blood drenched fur coat).

Furrier to leather belt producer? Hmmm.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the song.

Everyone knows that in East End parlance a "dustbin lid" was a derogatory term used against Jewish people. Dustbin lid = Yid.

So was Cilla Black (real name Precilla White!) sending out a hidden message in her song (pre-Led Zep and all that) against dustbin lids?

Or have I been watching too many conspiracy DVDs?

Next week: How Freddie Mercury's Moustache started the AIDS epidemic in Africa aided by the reptilian royal family.

P.S. You think I'm mad? Theodore Dalrymple writing in the loss-making leftist New Statesman complained when the Blairite government published its anti-drug dealer "Rat on a Rat" poster because he said the implication of comparing a human being with a rat was basically National Socialist (=evil nazis). Yes, shock horror, Mr. Theodore Dalrymple thinks that drug dealers are indeed 'human beings' and no doubt they have 'ooman rights' too (starting with not being compared to Jews, er, I mean rats). Officer: that last statement, as per the entire article, is meant to be humourous. I know Jews are not rats. They don't have four legs or tails. And some of my best friends are rats. If anyone else is upset by this article, please find a sense of humour immediately.


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