Friday, 16 July 2010

Kelvin Mackenzie on Raoul Moat: War Criminals Should Stay Quiet

Nice to see ex-Sun editor on last night's 'This Week' (on BBC1) saying that there are a lot of idiots out there, on the back of internet fan forums for the killer Raoul Moat.

Right: Mackenzie's The Sun said "The Truth". In fact it was all lies. The Sun is a notorious rag that lies to suit its own ends. It is overtly Zionist.

Yes Kelvin. And they have been moulded by the likes of The Sun with its "tits n bums" and braindead Zionist politics.

If there is a generation of the braindead, it has been created by the likes of The Sun and Eastenders, for only the braindead could really treat either of these anti-cultural edifices with their hidden agendas as anything but a sick bloody joke.

Even worse Mackenzie waxed lyrical about a policeman who has lost his sight, peeling an onion in his pocket to get those kind of Yad Vashem tears so beloved of the political, journalist and bankster class.

How many Iraqis and Afghans have been blinded by 'ordinance' dropped on their countries by war-mongering bastards backed up the kind of braindead politics of the 'Page 3 lovely' Sun?

He feigns distress over one blinded copper - which was a terrible event - but put that against all the Palestinian children tortured, shot and kidnapped for their organs by the illegal Zionist entity that The Sun always supports, no matter what!

Cry tears for them Mackenzie you low life piece of human trash!

Peel an onion for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, Lebanese - men, women and children who have died, been mutilated, been driven out etc. etc. by Israel, America and Britain: the Zionist triumvirate given all but unconditional support by The Sun.

If the words last night had come from someone who hadn't edited the Zionist rag The Sun from 1981 to 1994 (and who has continued to write for it from 2006) we might be inclined to agree, but for anyone who joined in the Zionist jingoistic BS and the 45 minutes outright lies which led to so much death and destruction (all war crimes) then we have to treat them as highly suspicious window dressing for an apologist for war criminals.

Julius Streicher was hanged at Nuremberg for publishing a paper that supported Adolf Hitler.

Were there war crimes trials today for the many illegal Zionist wars and the war criminals behind them, might not Mackenzie by strung up?

Or is an apologist for Zionist war criminals somehow different (history being written by the victor and all that).

I for one will take no lessons on Raoul Moat from the likes of Kelvin Mackenzie.

Nor will the relatives of the dead of the Hillsborough tragedy after which The Sun told barefaced and outright lies about the event to the absolute outrage of everyone who was there.

Go on Kelvin. Cry for them!


Kashif said...

Nice Piece. I was thinking exactly the same. So much sympathy for one man (the policeman shot by moat). Granted it was a horrible thing that happened to that policeman. However, it reeks of hypocrisy when you consider that McKenzie, supports wars which result in thousands of people suffering similar (or worse ) injuries, and he says nothing.

Anonymous said...

Moat was just a 'roided up wife/child beating low life guttersnipe and, as you point out FC, we don't need anyone connected to 'The Sun' to inform us of this truth.

As to Sun readers they, along with Mirror and Star readers should never be allowed to come within a 100 yards of a Polling station.

The Sun are currently running a 'holiday for less that a tenner' offer, ha ha, it's worth partaking of this offer to witness what a 'concentration camp of Sun readers' would be like!

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