Thursday, 8 July 2010

Marmite - Love it or Hate it?

Just had this email:

Just heard on the British Democracy forum that the Marmite case has just cost the BNP £70.000 in costs is this true ? if not what are the facts?
If it has cost £70K - and we have yet to know if this is the total settlement - who will take the flak for this? £70K is not a trifle in anyone's language, let alone the money donated by OAPs, the unemployed and low waged.

if it's true, someone should really be on the chopping block for that cock up!

Still, as the swearie weirdies who waste their time attacking those who don't toe certain party lines would have it, what right have I to comment on the BNP -- just as they don't comment on NuLab or the ConDems or any other party involved in the 'democratic' process. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

anyone got a mail-out yet?

"We need your money for the existence of Britain."

What a bunch of twits

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