Thursday, 29 July 2010

India for the Indians: Guardianistas' Immigration Lies

How interesting that the usual rent-an-opinion lefties were scattered across the media yesterday to condemn Britain's proposed "racist" cap on immigration at a time when 'Call me Dave' Cameron is in India trying to whip up trade between India and Britain.

'How can we trade with India as partners and equals when we won't let them into the UK?' was the clarion cry of the Guardianistas from the verandas of their town-houses in suspiciously white suburbs dotted around the country.

As usual, dear reader, they are way off.

India positively dissuades Brits from going to India (justly so after 200 years of colonial rule you might say) putting up all manner of visa barriers.

It is obvious that India does not want thousands (let alone millions!) of Whites travelling there to settle: and that is their right! They should not feel like racists, protectionists or little Hitlers for protecting their borders.

Neither should we for protecting ours: and a damn sight more Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis etc. will flood into Britain next year than English, Scots etc. will move to India!

As usual the Guardianistas have an axe to grind. Anything short of open borders to them is "racist" because, you see, they employ immigrants as nannies and au pairs, and they go to foreign restaurants and they even say hello to Mr. Gupta in the corner shop once a month and smile to the little ethnic man through the glass at the petrol station.

Let's not mention the fact that they jump through hoops, pretend to be Christians (even Catholics!) and even pay through the nose to get their children (Marmaduke and Olivia) out of the local Comprehensive school that is primarily Third World.

If they are so "inclusive" why don't they send their own children to a school full of Asians, Somalians, Kurds, Albanians etc.?

For that brand of people you see dear reader, they like to sit in their large properties in their suspiciously white area (are you reading this Billy Bragg?) busily telling the rest of us how great immigration is and how it "benefits" us all to have hundreds of thousands flooding in to go straight on housing benefit, working tax credit, free education and free healthcare.

There is nothing wrong per se in Slick Dave going to India to improve trade (leaving aside that most of the trade will be big business and even arms, and the lack of social policy in India that means the poor being used on terrible wages and conditions), but why do the Champagne Socialists line up to condemn the UK's apology for immigration controls and/or policy when India no more wants Brits flooding into their country than we want Indians flooding in here.

What the Guardianistas fail to understand is that nationalism and seeking to protect your land, communities and identity is as natural for the average man in London as it is for the average man in Delhi.

Colonialism is looked back with bad feeling for the Indians. Why don't the Guardianistas understand that we are being colonised by Third Worlders and this is just as wrong.

When I was in school (just before the Industrial Revolution) I remember having an argument with a lefty teacher who had a poster with Third World faces proclaiming "we are here because you were there."

I told her: 1. I had never been there; 2. Two wrongs don't make a right.

The Indians have the right to run their own country, to be free from alien control, and to set their own immigration controls - however strictly.

So should we.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Indians have a right to run their own country but not via our money, what exactly are we, a bankrupt country, doing giving our money to a country that is becoming an economic/industrial powerhouse on a par with China and....they are also actively persuing space exploration??????

This is a further example to those who persue the 'get the ragheads our of Britain' argument that our real enemy are the Capitalists, these are the ones who have sold out our/their people from the days of the cotton mills and before in their persuit for gold....Blood Against Gold indeed!

Cameron is a guttersnipe from his proclemation that we were the little brother of the US in World War II (thanks also jew for your magnanimous issuing of your loan to us) to sucking Turk cock to taking it up the shitter from the Indians weener and asking for more....

Final Conflict said...

A very pertinant post--but please desist from foul language because:

a. it spoils the post.
b. you undermine your own message.
c. in future they will be deleted.


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