Friday, 16 July 2010

Richard Barnbrook Sacked as BNP Barking & Dagenham Organiser

The BNP is in a mess.

Right: The BNP's new logo.

Richard Barnbrook has been sacked as Barking organiser. That's from the horses mouth via his blog.

Activists in Liverpool have been expelled for supporting a legitimate leadership challenger.

The leadership is trying to (illegally) change its own rules on election nominations to make the process as free and fair as North Korea.

The BNP settled out of court with Unilever (Marmitegate) for an undisclosed sum which some say is £70,000 and others say is £170,000.

The BNP also settled a case with Michael MacKenzie for an undisclosed sum, but to date has not honoured its courtroom agreement, which could see it dragged into court again.

The shocking details of this case show how badly the BNP is run, like a third world banana republic:

Michaela MacKenzie court case details

Whoever is trying to bring the BNP down (each side blames the other), the dictatorial behaviour and lack of financial transparency (despite the promises of 1999) of the current BNP leadership are creating this situation.

This is rapidly becoming very interesting and the more people speak out against the leadership and/or are unceremoniously sacked, the more ammunition the challenger has against the incumbent.


Final Conflict said...

P.S. I forgot to say that Paul the Octopus has been vindicated and is still available...

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