Sunday, 25 July 2010

Are Extremist Groups Pressure Valves?

There is an interesting article in today's Sunday Telegraph - a paper known for its Secret State connections, and often used to put out stories with a 'spook' spin.

Right: Sadly the word repatriation today has far more to do with the bodies of hundreds of British servicemen coming home from needless Neo Con wars in coffins. By opposing Neo Con wars and looking to resettle non-Europeans we can actively seek friendship with Non-European nationalists and regimes for the betterment of all concerned.

Andrew Gilligan (of Dr David Kelly-leak fame) has reported that "extremist" Islamic groups could be used by Westminster as a safety valve for those 'radicalised' by political events.

Part of the government intelligence he refers to says that activists "do not progress" to terrorism through such groups.

The group Hizb ut Tahrir (HuT) - Gilligan tells us - condemns terrorism and regards integration as "dangerous." Perhaps it is for the latter reason that David Cameron called for a ban on HuT when he was in opposition?

The government paper 'Government strategy towards extremism' said that "individuals do not progress through non-violent extremist groups to violent groups" and that the former "may also provide a legal 'safety valve' for extreme views."

Perhaps if these groups educated people that Al Qaeda, '911' and the 'War on Terror' are all Neo Con-organised myths and smokescreens instead of acting up to their bogeyman image, they wouldn't give as much ammunition to the Neo Cons and their plastic patriot hangers on waving their little Israeli flags.

Certainly opposition to integration is a far more advanced and honest approach than the various Marxist and Zionist groups who want all native Britons to accept Third World immigrants into our communities, schools, work and even our families!

White, Christian nationalists could support Asians who wish to keep Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine for their own peoples, if the Asians in turn would return home and let us keep England for the English, Wales for the Welsh, Scotland for the Scottish and so on.

In a move that would see us break free of needless Zionist wars and the thralldom of banksters, we could agree to trade and more, whilst acknowledging the freedom of any Britons who wish to be Muslims in return for the many Palestinians, Iraqis etc. who are Christians.

Seeking such friendly terms of trade, information exchanges, diplomacy etc. with the entire Asian, Arab and other countries could help bring about an era of peace and prosperity for their continent(s) and for ours.

The financed, phased and humane resettlement of millions of non-Europeans would also help Asia and Africa with a wealth of compatriots returning who are well-educated, industrious, financially well-off, tradesmen etc.

Our countries would in turn be rewarded with social cohesion, indigenous communities, and a return to a collection of nations self-confident in their identities, with additional cultures and cosmopolitanism available via small, controlled settlement of Europeans as has always happened in our history (French, Irish, Italian etc.).

It is often said that to end a war (short of oblivion and one side being wiped out, innocents and all) one must sit and talk with one's enemies. Certainly in this day and age we have been dragged down the road of fighting other peoples' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and I'm sure they would like Iran next on the list) and it has done nothing to help us. On the contrary it has cost us in huge volumes of money, human lives lost, mutilated bodies, less safety at home and abroad.

Might world peace and the mass resettlement of Third World immigrants, for the betterment of all concerned, begin with men of goodwill from all sides agreeing to oppose integration, and to discuss in a mature manner the logistics and advancements available to all via resettlement, trade and peace?

Otherwise we continue being backed into corners, shouting slogans and achieving precious little as our enemies destroy all European cultures, every last vestige of Christianity, our history, our heritage, our very communities.

Has the time come when serious nationalists throw off the slogans of a dying system and put the future of our peoples first? Or will we take the crumbs and shekels from the top table and stay content in our corner as everything we hold dear slowly dies in a quagmire of multi-culti, big business-sponsored anti-culture?

I'd like to think nationalists could see beyond the sloganeering, beyond the Neo Con war headlines and take a stance that might deliver racial, national and cultural freedom.

Recent history, sadly, makes me doubt that they will.


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