Friday, 9 July 2010

Baron Prescott: How Politicians are Bought & Sold

I am glad that John "Two Jags" Prescott is now seated in the House of Lords.

Well, not too glad, but quietly pleased.

Baron Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull was resplendent in his ermine robes as he finally put the nail in the coffin of his being a socialist, never mind a 'working class hero.'

Isn't it funny how the money factor always wins through?

How many politicians enter parliament full of zeal only to be bought by the party system, the expenses, the placements, the pensions?

And if you think Westminster is bad - Brussels is even worse!

The SISO (sign in and sod off) system is not only open to abuse: it positively invites it!

All these politicians are busy filling their pockets whilst playing a party political game which keeps the Masonic system in power, which in turn means that the corruption, servitude and hideous levels of taxation continue.

Let's not be overly obsequious here either. Most (but not all) of the political class come from the private schools and lawyer class.

They are not stupid.

They know that they are buying into a corrupt system which ensures the politicians continue to dance to the banksters tune.

And, as Belloc detailed back in 1912 (if I recall right) even those who enter parliament with the best of intentions (and let us give Prescott the benefit of the doubt) soon realise that they will either have to play the game, or they will be squeezed out.

So yes I am glad that his Honourific Lordfulness Prescott can now park both his jags in the Lords' car park.

It shows how open to bribery (position and wage) all politicians are.

Patronage and corruption are the order of the day.


Anonymous said...

How much do MEPs get each day?

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